Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Various Artists - Duets II (TQ51)

experimental duo exchanges - two nugs of luv!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

In these homely environs, we live for duos.  Whether they are of the sun-baked variety - MV & EE - or something in the experimental realm - Quiet Evenings - the releases provide an opportunity to experience facets of an artist not readily apparent from other projects.  Duets II, the subsequent release to the highly acclaimed Duets tape from last year, brings the good vibe from some of the most innovative duos in contemporary experimental music. With their focus on collaboration, Tranquility Tapes has once again bestowed a tape of heavy hitters.  Just a passing glance at the list of artists on the j-card should make one excited:  Dozens, Urkas, Nite Lite, and Coyote Image Revisted to new a few.  Therefore, not only is this tape comprised of duos - it presents a radiating spectrum within experimental music. Tabs Out posted an excellent article on the Duets II, which features the roster of artists and some words from Tranquility proprietor, Franklin Teagle - recommended reading.  Below are a few of my favorite tracks from the tape.   

The exciting ascent commences with Dozens, the guitar and synth combo of Francesco De Gallo and Ryan Connolly.  We blast off into a warm environment full of spacey, serene tones and trance-inducing rhythms.  One of my favorites on Duets II is from Cream Juice, the duo of Keith Rankin and Seth Graham.  Cream Juice emits a deluge of shapes and sounds which move at supersonic velocity.  The frenzied synths - not frenetic - are warm and vibrant.  After descending from such a great height, there's nothing quite like the minimal deep space vibes from Roped Off, the team of Mike Haley and Dave Doyen.  Once you reach their stratum, they blow glass in space from which a sonic hallucinogen tricks forth and penetrates each pore.  Ominous and consuming, this track contains some heavy visceral vibes.  Another family fave closes off side A.  Perspectives, the duo of Kyle Conklin and Josh Tippery - the latter recently released an excellent tape on Worn Habit with Mike Pouw - create music that seizes the listener via a combination of ambient waves and prescient, haunting drones.  Urkas, the duo of Russ Alderson and Mike Griffin, take the tape to another level with a mind-blowing track.  Surges of reverberating waves and resonant walls of sound are key elements in the beginning.  Once the components merge, all one can do is sit in the slipstream with the bird calls - awesome track!  The ultimate in electronic duo exchanges for me is the duo of Grant and Rachel Evans.  Regardless of the project, their experiments with texture and tone are unrivaled.  The track which they contribute manifests with the gentleness and calmness of the morning sun.  Gauzy loops billow lightly - a luminous eternal light shining steadfastly in the sonic breeze.                       
Featuring designs by Caroline Teagle and produced in an edition of 150 cassettes, Duets II may be purchased directly from Tranquility Tapes.

peace and love, friends :)