Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael Saunders - (Dust - Dye) Bluepoles001

tape explorations!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

On Dust - Dye, Michael Saunders guides the listener through a tape comprised of sonic anachronisms, minimal space drift, harsh noise, mystical vibrations, and tranquil sensations.  The first release on Blue Poles Recordings incorporates cut-up and spliced sounds that include, yet are not limited to, heavy noise, musique concrete and ambient sound.  Both sides are comprised of one track, each of which encapsulates a few sections  Each vignette is like an ellipse, the listener hops along through space in the shifting aural light.  Side A is more harsh compared to flipside.  Yet, I almost prefer side A for its ability to cover so much area in a brief period of time. 

 Grainy noise consumes the listener almost immediately upon pressing play.  Shortly, a shifting loop of cosmic, crystalline tones sits deep in the hiss.  From there, mechanical noise gives way to minimal drone and circulating sonic wind - lovely!  Strange vibrations abound as we drift through zones shrouded in wicked reverberations and ritual loops.  Before long, everything is devoured by annihilating noise, which descends a few levels prior to blasting off into space.  As one approaches the end - my favorite section - there is an awesome Wicker Man vibe running strong. - haunting loops.  The flip immediately launches one into another dimension.  As B commences, one is seized by glitch heavy hiss and solemn loops that are occasionally joined by a captivating, mournful voice.  Next, light drone flickers in the blustery sonic wind.  Shortly tranquil, torpid loops are interspersed with glitches and other noise -  a kind vibe exists in this section.  Subsequently, warm resonant sound slowly shifts, begetting new patterns.  Near the end, swirling resonance combines with subdued tones that billow.

This first release from Blue Poles is followed by a split between Michael Saunders and John Sandìa, one of my sonic gurus otherwise known as Pierrot Lunaire.  Dust - Dye may be purchased directly from Blue Poles.

peace and love, friends :)