Friday, October 11, 2013

Gerda Taro - The First Hundred Years (NL001)

Gerda Taro's vibrations induce couch lock - top shelf vibes!!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The First Hundred Years assesses your pulse before catapulting one into a matrix where copious vibrations merge at the doorstep of a lustrous dance floor.   This tape of crystal-covered zoners can aptly be described, in its entirety, as 32 minutes of pure elation.  When you remove the cover to descend into the tape's inner workings, The First Hundred Yearson Noumenal Loom, reveals ornate collages that are full of moving parts and always becoming - jams that are stitched together by frayed threads of time.  Gerda Taro is the supreme guide for a journey steeped in dreamy vibrations and soul/funk dance floor ruminations.  The jams coalesce in the manner of Venn diagrams; arrangements form ephemerally, glowing for a brief time, before dissipating in a maelstrom of distortion produced by remnants from halcyon days.

  Beautiful music doesn't require tags or genres to make a case for its importance.  Back in 1970, Miles Davis played the Isle of Wight with his fusion band.  Upon opening the set, somebody inquired about the track title, to which Miles responded, "Call it anything".  He termed it such because those electric vibes knew no boundary.  And, that is the case with The First Hundred Years.  The beginning is mesmerizing; a hiss covered raga splits at the seams, releasing hazy anachronisms that appear to be stuck between dimensions.  From that point on, the cassette glistens like my favorite bud.  Gerda Taro touches on many types of music - funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, rock, dance, pop, ambient/drone.

When I'm listening to Gerda Taro, it rains trichomes for days - and that goes for the entire batch. Gerda Taro refers to a prominent female war photographer from the 1930's.  Just like the namesake's ability to tell a story through pictures, The First Hundred Years accomplishes something similar sonically.  Produced in a limited edition of 75 tapes, with artwork by Brenna Murphy, these tapes are smokin' hot!  The Digital Natives cassette is already sold out at the source.  Don't waver - purchase the Gerda Taro and Holly Waxwing tapes directly from Noumenal Loom.

peace and love, friends :)