Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Christopher Merritt - Imaginary Colors (Orange Milk 2013)

electronic intrepid explorations. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The marble blue sky is transformed into a resplendent, variegated dome that surges with cosmic energy in Christopher Merritt's recent tape, Imaginary Colors, on Orange Milk.  Imaginary Colors accelerates toward the zenith, ejecting the trichome-bound listener into a maze of morphing multicolored constellations.  Elevated and mesmerized, Christopher's sweet vibrations power a constantly revolving kaleidoscope.  That which emanates is effervescent and vibrant; yet, these soundscapes concurrently exhibit patience and an adept use of space.  That's one of the significant aspects of this tape: its ability to exhibit myriad qualities ostensibly at the same time.  Modular wonders fracture in an animated atmosphere, refracting in myriad directions.  Polychromatic strands are then interwoven into enthralling arrangements.  Throughout, the encapsulated sonic energy buzzes, fissures, drifts, oscillates, twinkles, fizzes and bubbles.

The tape commences with swollen passages of gentle sound that billow and expand progressively.  Playful with a touch of poignancy, the atmosphere is altered by tiny explosions which beget spacious and brilliant energy.  The first track is followed by a lovely paean that is transformed by a deluge of sound that merges into a harmonious sonic being.  More proximate to the end of side A, serene vibrations multiply as tangents of sound descend quickly upon the listener.  For me, perhaps the best section of this side occurs at the end.  Propulsive warmth inculcates the listener with vibrant streams of sound.  As the sound cascades, the deluge arrests perception and the listener acquiesces - lovely!  The flip continues the ascent.  In the second track on side B, gently pulsating transmissions rupture into copious particles and flutter in the hiss.  Sustained tones lead to spacey ruminations.  Aural fireworks bathe the listener in the next track as radiant beams rupture under pressure.

Platinum Bubba never sounded so good!!  Crystal-covered and ascending to Nug Luv 2014 territory, Imaginary Colors is one of the best experimental tapes of 2014.  Copies are available directly from Orange Milk.    

peace and love, friends :)