Friday, March 29, 2013

Courtly Illusion Limited - Untitled (Space Slave 14)

another wild trip with my buddy, Maximus. the tape recorder is for special music.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Duo exchanges from deep within the blissful waves and haze of the time lag.  It is the sacrosanct setting from which their sonic alchemy buzzes and fizzes unabated.   Nobody does it quite like Grant and Rachel Evans, recording as the Courtly Illusion Limited on Space Slave Editions.  They have a proficiency for creating gorgeous soundscapes of tremendous depth.  On this release, they utilize manipulated rhodes and guitar to produce elegiac waves that sit atop the dank haze.

As side A commences, wistful recollections weave through formations of hiss and warble.  The rhodes is an apt selection for this type of music.  It's characteristics imbue the recording with otherworldly beauty.  The blues-like vibrations of the rhodes reminds me of how Chick Correa and Keith Jarrett would temper the fusion of Miles Davis with the strike of a reverberating chord.  Subtle shifts lead to plaintive notes and vacillating guitar.  The flipside is equally as beautiful.  In the beginning, pensive notes reverberate until the last particle of energy has been exhausted; surreal energy that exists with a loop of fractured guitar.  The manipulated rhodes now exhibits a different texture.  Resonant transmissions coalesce with a disintegrating guitar loop.

It's been a fruitful year for Grant and Rachel and Space Slave.  The most recent batch is awesome.  Space Slave is at the top of its game.  Every tape is of top shelf quality.  Produced in an edition of 75 and sold out at the source, this tape may be purchased here.  One should act quickly, as beautiful things like this don't hang around too long.

peace and love, friends :)    

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Emuul - Free Structures: What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet (PURR 0025)

ensconced in these lovely tones - join me friends!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Every Emuul release is an opportunity to rejoice!  For me, Emuul occupies a strata in experimental music in which few peers exist.  As for contemporaries, Derek Rogers and Thoughts on Air come to mind.  Each of the aforementioned artists reach me on an intimate level.  I'm sure we all have artists that affect us in such a beautiful manner.  When one listens to this type of music, it is not a transient experience.  Rather, when one is blessed with such fidelity in art, it becomes part of the person.  What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet, the latest Emuul release on Constellation Tatsu, is something that I hold dear to my heart.  Much like the process of osmosis, the patient passages of sound gradually permeate your body, illuminating the soul in the process.  

Side A is as poignant as anything I have encountered this year.  It is comprised of a loop of light, soft, voluminous tones; elongated passages of sound; and piano.  Emuul's composition is perfect and it reminds me of the process of life.  In the beginning, Emuul puts forth a loop of patient tones, with a contiguous soft, modulating drone.  The patient tones that comprise the loop change subtly.  Listening to this often and being attentive - though they may sound alike on the surface - each iteration has a slight variation.  Piano notes appear sporadically.  Approximately halfway into side A, the background drone exhibits a more acute texture.  Soon, the drone moves to the fore, enveloping the loop.  Within a few minutes, the loop returns.  However, the tempo has been altered, which endows the succession of tones pensively.  As the loop begins to dissipate, the constituent parts become audible.  Toward the end, pauses occur between the tones.  It is quite beautiful and reminds me of Basinski.  Masterful!  The flipside is equally stunning, yet possesses a different character - more minimal than side A.  The beginning exists in a nascent state, slowly coming into being - think of the tender beauty displayed by Josh Mason.  Delicate guitar notes wistfully hang on budding branches and the pulsating drone is almost inaudible.  Low end reverberations manifest occasionally, while ethereal tones change when confronted by the light.  Soft waves and tranquil tones coalesce with evocative minimal passages.

An incredible tape from a stellar batch!  Constellation Tatsu is doing wonderful things, and each tape from the recent batch is magnificent.  And, it's almost impossible to beat their price - $16 including shipping for four high quality cassettes.  Released in an edition of 150 copies, Emuul is credited with the music and photography.  Buy this directly from Constellation Tatsu!                    

peace and love, friends :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199 (MVD5676LP)

getting lifted into 2199.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The sequence of notes leaves a vapor trail as it traverses the head, ascending until the apex has been pierced and a deluge of sunlight streams through the third eye of the pyramid.  Tantamount to a continuous injection of serotonin, the edifying vibrations promulgated by Japanese psych legends, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, are buttressed by psych fury of various shades.  Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199, one of the initial releases from Nod and Smile Records, pervades the head like a trichome-laden nug; it ascends placidly, and when it attains the perfect altitude, it then slowly disseminates ephemeral vibrations from various climates.  These live staples shimmer on vinyl.  Each side finds this iteration of the band taking interstellar trips, with the uplifting resonances of a sequence of notes - A-E-D-A-G-Db - being the fuel.  Around that beautiful sequence of notes, the band adeptly places cosmic synth; spacey effects; hypnotic, krauty bass - one of the best facets of the album; and heavyweight, hash oil riffs!  Lately, when I desire a wild trip, I set to the controls to Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199; The Astral Body Electric from Herbcraft; and Time-Lag nugs - 3 or 4 fail-safe albums.

Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199, parts 1 and 2, comprise sides A and B respectively.  One of the most pleasing aspects of this album is to experience the manner in which these sonic alchemists deploy the note sequence within their musical ideas.  Side A feels like a portent to that of B; it encompasses kraut and space rock.  The glistening resonances of side A are the conduit to the blistering psych on the flipside.  Side A commences with serene electronic pulsations that lead into krauty rhythms and the note sequence,  A-E-D-A-G-Db.  Progressively, the tempo is enhanced.  The rhythms are a catalyst, as we accelerate through the ether.  Toward the end of side A, a cathartic vibe exists.  Spacey transmissions fluctuate and the guitar overdrive of side B is in a nascent state.  A layer of synth abuts the main guitar sequence, which illuminates the notes.  As side A ends, the listener can sense that something surreal will occur on the flip.  And, surreal it is!!  Side B is the blazing hash rocket that plunders your head, lifting you to 2199.  The playing is frenetic once these psych warriors reach the zenith.  At this point, the psych fury is unabated, and the main sequence of notes coalesces with heavyweight riffs - one of the best moments of the album.  As a listener, it is a beautiful thing to observe the heavy psych maelstrom shifting between speaker channels, enveloping one in the middle. Toward the end of side B, the note sequence is obscured by a conflagration of sound.  For the longest time, side B was played here on repeat.  It is an exemplar of psych.  My good friend, however, told me that side C, which contains 'Cometary Orbital Drive to 2200', is a treasure waiting to be discovered.  His sagacity immediately manifested, as the beginning was quite different than its predecessor.  There is a lightness, which may be comparable to parts of Side A.  However, it's something completely different.  Elongated, voluminous streams of modulating synth coalesce with a piano-like loop, incipient rhythms and ethereal fretwork.  A much lighter mix of instrumentation surrounds the note sequence, compared to that of side B.  As the tempo increases, the guitars become heavier and the bass is excellent.  Toward the middle, the onslaught is at its peak.  The end serves to exhibit some of the most intense playing in the album.  An incredible side of music!   Side D, 'Cometary Orbital Drive to 2201', sees the band approach dance/trance music - wild and unexpected!  

The most dank buds are usually next to the pile of AMT vinyl in the house - top shelf.  This review refers to the double lp in gatefold sleeve version.  The double vinyl gatefold sleeve is highly recommended.  I often look at the beautiful images while listening.  The album is pressed on quality vinyl in an edition of 500.  To secure a copy - at a wonderful price - check out See of Sound.  Nod and Smile Records is a burgeoning label that resides in eastern Pennsylvania.  Their first releases include Aleister X on vinyl.  The future is bright, as Nod and Smile has an awesome tentative release schedule including Sloow stalwarts We Have Heaven and 20 Guilders.  Additionally, if you dig Japanese psych, then check out the nice selection of audio files available at this blog.

peace and love, friends :)        

Thank you, Claude, for the good vibe.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lord Cernunnos / Ronzilla - Death Cap Drones (TT#5)

viewing the world through trichome-laden triangles.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

If you desire to party with the death caps, then smear the accompanying drones in trichomes.  Death Cap Drones - a split tape consisting of Lord Cernunnos and Ronzilla on Triangle Tapes -  weave through your head with the ominous power of a mutating force.  Visceral dread lurks behind the synapses, while anomalous transmissions circle the barren architecture of the mind.  On side A, Lord Cernunnos lays down some viscerally potent dark ambient tracks.  Compared to Ronzilla, Lord Cernunnos' side is comprised of short tracks of great depth.  Within these tracks, there is a copious amount of buried treasures for the attentive mind.  On the flip, Ronzilla puts forth two long-form tracks.  On side A, the dread was omnipresent.   At any moment, the tape could ensnare the listener.  However, where the sordid earth absorbed the malevolent energy circulating on side A, mutating chemical messengers accelerate through the abyss of space on side B.

Bleak currents of hiss hover above a pond of electronic matter in the opening track, 'Earth is Dead'.  Next, abnormal electronic beams modulate in a deluge of rain.  Metallic-tinged sound is enveloped by a maelstrom of noise in the third track.  Foreboding rhythms add nicely to the atmosphere of this track.  Pernicious vibrations abound.  The fourth track, 'From the Roots to the Sky', is one of my favorite tracks.  This track highlights my aforementioned comment about listening attentively.  On the penultimate track, currents of hiss and vacillating sounds make concentric circles.  Sonic matter accelerates through variegated hiss.  The final track is somewhat of a departure, as hazy warm sound echos, changes form and reproduces.

A dank, foreboding drone starts the flipside.  Irregular beams of sound - generally of short duration - ascend among tortured drones, then descend and move laterally.  As the track matures, one can feel the accumulating and palpable dread and terror.  There is an awesome energy to this track.  Soon, the disquieting tones from the beginning return with enhanced vigor.  At this point in the track, it feels like the sound will spiral out of control at any moment.  However, that's not part of its character.  Ronzilla is highly impressive in this track!  In the second track, a succession of echoing sounds, utilizing various textures, move proximate to the listener.  Static-laced noise and drones of various hue recall the fine days of Stunned Tapes.

These preternatural nugs sit in the mason jar on the shelf - trichome heaven.  Along with the awesome sonics, a defining feature of any Triangle experience is the presentation and artwork.  Produced in a hand-numbered edition of 50 with large cases, the artwork concept was birthed by Triangle main man, Marc Roberts.  The final design is by Pete Stanley.  One may purchase this tape directly from Triangle or Lord Cernunnos.

peace and love, friends :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long Distance Poison - Rare Human (BT046)

Baked Tapes provide the impetus for the rare human to ingest kush from the celestial vine.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)  

The first rays of heavenly light manifest unexpectedly, warming the parched landscape. The nearby body of water shimmers in its presence.  Soon, its concentrated energy will reach the apex, giving rise to an archetype.  Though billions of iterations will eventually appear, none possess the genetics of this Rare Human - the recent nug from sonic explorers Long Distance Poison on Baked Tapes.  Long Distance Poison is a Brooklyn-based trio that makes psychedelic music residing in the electronic realm.  Rare Human is comprised of two long-form pieces that underscore the wonderful qualities of this band.  First, these pieces are not slabs of music without direction.  Rather, there appears to be a unifying theme that, regardless of the position in the track, is omnipresent.  Instead of tangents, these adroit fellow travelers explore beautiful, intricate environments, all the while staying on track. Furthermore, they must have an honest bag full of ideas, which is evidenced by the gorgeous textures, juxtapositions and layering of sound that is present throughout.  The attentive listener will notice with joy the manner in which the tracks develop, subtly change and, at the end, reflect on the beginning. Faithfully follow the wave as the archetype negotiates its way through this surreal climate.

From the beginning of side A, a mystical drone resonates and envelops the listener, while various sounds circulate in the background.  As the sound reverberates, poignant synth expands into consciousness.  From here, the sound is decidedly heavier as more elements are introduced.  The gorgeous drone from the beginning appears.  Soon, a lovely pattern of synth is juxtaposed to piercing noise and opaque sounds.  Expansive synth rushes forth with the energy of steam escaping a vent.  At this juncture, the piece feels in flux and anything can occur.  As one takes a step from the shadow, the nourishing, resonant drone of the beginning permeates the head with its edifying energy.  The flipside is just as beautiful. Another facet of this trio appears on the flip: the ability to explore subtle variations within a movement of sound.  It commences with an ominous drone and a modulating beam of sound that create a foreboding climate.  Emanations from the periphery approach furtively.  The playing at this point reminds me of Zawinul's evocative - subdued and mysterious - synth.  With each passing second, the energy and unpredictability is enhanced.  The parched earth crumbles and from it concentrated sound accelerates.  With only occasional stimuli present, light sounds echo placidly.  The minimalist feel at this juncture - compared to the other parts of the track - is lovely.

The new batch of Baked Tapes is awesome!  Along with Rare Human, the Andrew Scott Young and Opponents tapes have been a constant presence in my cassette deck.  The artwork for Rare Human corresponds nicely to the vibe of the music.   Produced in an edition of 75, one may purchase a copy directly from Baked Tapes.

peace and love, friends :)       

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Glass House - Savage Times (sicsic046)

it's a sicsic world - my type of living!  peace and love to my friends at CanniCorner :)

The Sicsic spectrum is always shimmering with luminous light of various hues.  At one end of that spectrum, you may find my nug loving brothers, Sylvester Anfang ii.  Their brand of psych glistens like the trichomes on my favorite bud.  Maybe at the other end, one will locate the otherworldly beauty of Asio Otus or Digital Natives.  As I raised the shades one early morning, a glowing beam of energy extended from the middle of the spectrum.  It was a magnificent experience to be enveloped by something so pure.  Savage Times, by Glass House on Sicsic Tapes, is simply a master class of ambient music.  For me, the most prominent features of this release are the composition, the manner in which the tracks develop, the bountiful textures and ideas, and subtle changes within movements.  A beautiful surprise lurks behind each synapse.

Suspended in the air, gauzy washes of sound are layered with loops.  The climate of the first track changes subtly, as heavy tones appear.  This is a harbinger to a section of poignant piano notes and drone that extend as far as the limit of perception.  Fragments of wistful notes grace your shoulders.  The second track,  'Body Horror' is incredible.  It's the type of track that separates Glass House from others.  Poignant, reverberating piano notes form a loop.  In the background, whirling cold sounds blow across the landscape - a beautiful juxtaposition.  Soon, the listener is bathed with a deluge of cascading piano notes.  During this section, one detects nascent and voluminous tones.  At this juncture, the character of the track begins to feel more light.  Disintegrating sounds are present near the end.  The first side finishes with a track that feels discernibly different.  'Coded Sleep' is the sound of a person entering REM cycles, as cascading lively notes abut elongated tones.  The deluge of notes becomes slightly altered, and gradually the track lifts one into the light with a beautiful drone.   Another wonderful track, 'Visual Weather', commences the flipside.  With each listen, i'm impressed by the manner in which the transitions are almost imperceptible.  Ethereal tones with a beautiful texture slowly dissipate in waves of haunting sound that move more proximate with each iteration.  Almost imperceptibly, a lighter soundscape manifests - the waves of evocative sound now situated deep in the background.  Delicate tones grace your head like the initial snowflakes of a storm.  These tones move to the fore, which endow the music with a poignant vibe.  Slowly rising from the collage of sound, a more concentrated stream of energy threatens.  Yet, these delicate tones persevere through various climates - lovely!  As the track vacillates between various hues, the end arrives with a stream of luminous sound.  Glass House finish the flipside with a serene track comprised of distorted, pulsating vibrations and soft waves of serenity.

Without reservation, I recommend purchasing the digital files or locating one of the last remaining copies.  Admirers of the Dead Texan and Lawrence English, among others, will be in heaven with these sounds. Exhibiting the wonderful artwork of Ronnie Oliveras, Savage Times is home-dubbed and produced on chrome cassettes in a limited edition of 70.  If you are in the US, one of the last physical copies is available at 905 Tapes.  I have a feeling that too many people missed out on this incredible tape.  Hopefully, a reissue will appear in the future.      
peace and love, friends :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alan Gesso - Obliscence (Field Studies 12)

The perfect fuel for your next trip.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

In 'bag' parlance, it's always nice to sample the goods - to enjoy and appreciate the unique beauty of the sweet leaf.  It is a diverse plant with many different facets.  Similar to the shimmering magnificence of Platinum Bubba, Obliscence, from Alan Gesso on Field Studies, succeeds by providing an absorbing experience that illuminates the adroit musicianship and composition of the artist.  According to discogs, this is the second release from Alan - the first appearing approximately two years ago.  Regardless, this tape presents an artist with a deluge of creativity and ideas.  Obliscence is a journey through various electronic landscapes, none of which seem to overtly resemble the other.  And, though thoroughly absorbing, the music has the effect of a fleeting experience, which speaks to the title.  These gorgeous soundscapes come into full view, climb the celestial ladder, drift in the ether and then dissipate.  Also, the temperature of the tracks is not uniform, which makes it engaging for the listener.   Most prominently, Alan's music makes one feel like a fellow sonic explorer.  So, friend, take my hand and let's float through the cosmos with Alan's music as the guide.

As the listener presses play, they span the FM dial, as a stream of radio hiss and interference - 'People in the Stereo' - transports the listener to the rich aural paradise of 'Another Heaven'.  The track begins with voluminous tones that are joined by randomly appearing sounds and a low-end like drone.  A transition occurs that bathes the listener in tranquil, meandering synth - a gorgeous, intriguing track!  The warmth appears in the form of 'Lifetime', a track in which ethereal sounds and twinkling tones form a majestic soundscape.  Everything here is excellent.  However, the next track - 'Ajidamal' - is the one that makes me faithfully return.    This discernible track features warm, elongated modulating tones and voluminous passages of sound.  In the middle, the mood changes subtly as the synth drifts sinuously.  Washes of light sound, arrpegios and shimmering tones create a serene environment.  The flipside is equally engaging.  'Fleeting Present' is a suitable meditation guide, replete with new age-like shimmering drones that allow the listener to float serenely.  It's one of my favorite tracks.  'Clive' refers to that full view feeling provided by this tape.  'Clive' is full of lively and active tone sequences and voluminous streams of synth.  Field recordings are present in the end, along with beautiful arpeggios.

Obliscence is the sonic fuel for your next cosmic trip.  Field Studies is such a strong imprint.  Last year, they mesmerized people with the awesome batch featuring Brett Naucke, Panabrite and Bil Vermette.  This tape is equally as stunning.  For more on Alan Gesso, visit his soundcloud page.  One can purchase a copy of Obliscence directly from Field Studies.

peace and love, friends :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Metal Rouge - Let Us Pretend That We Have No Place To Go (KSE #211)

 variegated jams diffused over the spectrum - they make Jane's crystals glisten.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

There is no need for a map on this journey.  One can discard of certainty, as there is no shining light at the proverbial end of the tunnel.  Rather, such a strong aura is exuded over 40 minutes that you faithfully follow that feeling until the last fragments of blown out psych and evocative folk have delivered you to the end point of ecstasy.  Even the tracklist, which reads like a message, is a sign that this trip is anything but linear.   Let Us Pretend That We Have No Place To Go, from Metal Rouge on Kendra Steiner Editions, is a work of great depth that vacillates among different genres.  Originally from New Zealand, Metal Rouge (Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott) currently reside in Los Angeles where they operate the Emerald Cocoon arts collective and label.  On this release, they are joined by Warm Climate's Caitlin Mitchell on drums and trombone.

Hypnotic rhythms and fragile strings infuse energy into the still sanctuary, while woozy astral transmissions bathe the dome in warmth.  Liftoff occurs when a blazing hash rocket jam explodes over the landscape, disseminating bits of distortion over the denizens.  Soon, mutating tones manifest in different shapes - a pure drifter.  Helga's voice is stunningly beautiful.  And, it's not long until her lovely, treated vocals ascend ever so slightly as the tones shimmer serenely - a lovely folk imbued track.  In some places, i'm reminded of the otherworldly beauty of Raajmahal.  In the latter half of the cd, Helga's voice resonates with fealty, while jangly strings and Caitlin's trombone coalesce to create a profound track - the crests are beautiful.  The cd ends with a propulsive live track.  

Hopefully your top shelf isn't too crowded.  2013 has been a prolific year for music and Metal Rouge are firmly positioned on the holiest of holy shelves - the place where the finest nugs glisten.  If you are digging the recent Sloow tape, then you need to secure a copy of Let Us Pretend That We Have No Place To Go.  This release will please admirers of Charalambides, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Raajmahal and Grouper.    Much like this wonderful release, KSE's map encompasses many genres.  Whether it's Matt Krefting, Heather Leigh Murray, Derek Rogers, Mike Griffin, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Djin Aquarian/Sir Plastic Crimewave or Metal Rouge, there is a wonderful variety of experimental sounds on this Texas-based label.  Bill Shute is doing great things with this label.  Contact him through email to order a copy of Let Us Pretend That We Have No Place To Go    

peace and love, friends :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stephen Molyneux - The Arbitrary State (FT029)

better to burn one, and then Fadeaway with this tape.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

This tape is a gift to the ears and mind.  All that is required of the listener is to immerse oneself in the tapestry of sound.  Stephen Molyneux, co-founder of No Kings, is the guide on this journey comprised of field recordings and instrumental passages.  The Arbitrary State, reissued on Fadeaway Tapes, was initially released as a mini cd-r on Kim Dawn Recordings a few years ago.  Admirers of the Andy Futreal release on Tape Drift will enjoy this tape.  In a batch of tapes replete with cosmic paeans, patient sounds and mysterious beauty The Arbitrary State is concurrently elegiac, warm, mystical, evocative and celebratory.  Upon pressing play, mournful piano swirls in the still air.  As the piece continues, the tempo slows, which exudes the quality of being affected by time.  Next, plucked strings beget beautiful patterns that resonate warmly.  Field recordings move into and out of focus, while sagacious voices drift through mesmeric  rhythms.  The flip commences with waves of percussion followed by soothing, vacillating drone.  Wistful piano moves through the prism of time, struggling to fasten itself to the last branch of consciousness.  Beautiful field recordings close out the tape.

This recent batch of Fadeaway is one of the strongest of the year.  For me, the best tape in the batch is from Quartz Safari - reviewed by the excellent Microphones in the Trees.  As with all Fadeaway tapes, the presentation is gorgeous.  One may purchase The Arbitrary State, along with the remaining tapes directly from Fadeaway.

peace and love, friends :)              

Monday, March 4, 2013

Von Himmel - Rock N Roll Animal/Traum Esel (Donkey Disk)

oh fellow traveler, remember to pack some Maximus along with your canteen and provisions.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Let me preface this review by stating that if there were a sweet leaf/music award at the Cannabis Cup, then Rock N Roll Animal/Traum Esel on Donkey Disk would be the clear winner of best indica jams - high praise, but even higher affects!  Much like a dependable indica, the expansive collage-like pieces promulgated by Von Himmel redefine your head-space prior to enveloping your body.  For me, Rock N Roll Animal/Traum Esel is analogous to the wide-mind view afforded by mindful breathing.  Compared to the Sloow tape/Humito reissue and the Florid Pagoda tape, the sky seems more expansive than ever on this lp.  The approach allows their myriad facets to flower in the head of the traveler, as the lp witnesses the band exploring new zones.  The journey commences with a blown-out jam prior to glazing the nug in kosmische crystals.

Side A begins with the aforementioned jam - a raw, frenetic psych rock beast that foams at the mouth with unpredictable energy.  Dense, jagged riffs and percussion smeared in hash oil billow before being refracted in a multitude of directions. Admirers of early Comets on Fire or German Oak will dig the vibe circulating in this atmosphere.  In the next passage, eastern tinged hypnotic drift leaves ellipses in its wake that extend to the luminous zenith.  You will have arrived once the amalgamation of ambient synth and pulsating drone envelops your being.  Side B has a different character.  One of my favorite aspects of this lp is the journey aspect.  There are so many sub-states explored that it's similar to walking in the fog.  Only instead of trepidation at that which may be a step away, the traveler on this journey is eagerly engaged, perceptions heightened, and embracing the experience.  The flip starts with an encompassing passage of ambient sound.  Not necessarily light, but not dark either. During this initial part, there is a section where the sound crests, sweeping away the listener in a sea of elation.  In another passage, lightly strummed guitars drift in the background among swollen sounds and percussion.  Yet, nothing quite surpasses the ethereal end.  Incipient energy resonates serenely, finally blooming in lucid fields of awareness - the kosmische crystals leaving one in a state of euphoria.

The beautiful drawings by Bart of Sloow Tapes represent the kief on top of glistening nug.  Rock N Roll Animal/Traum Esel comes with my highest recommendation - it's already a member of Tasty Trichomes 2013.  If you reside in these zones, then do not wait.  One may purchase a copy from Tomentosa, among others.  And, for those who thought the Florid Pagoda boat had sailed, copies are still available at Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)