Monday, October 29, 2012

High Aura'd - Sanguine Futures (Bathetic 63)

one should take extra trichomes for this trip.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When the opaque sky and harsh climate leave one feeling abject and numb, Sanguine Futures, the latest release from High Aura'd - the project of John Kolodij - on Bathetic, rides to the rescue by suffusing your head with bleak and enlightening drones.  Though this lp was released in the summer, it really connects during the current time of year.  One of my favorite things to do lately is listen to this record while peering at the obscured sky.  The image of the sky, above the text, encapsulates the feel of this record: Through a rolling fog, one traverses through the unrelenting drone, emitting specks of sunlight that give the blissful sound a luminous contour.  Sanguine Futures is blissful, discordant, foreboding, hopeful and omnipotent.  And, compared to John's previous work, Sanguine Futures has a darker edge to its sound - an excellent facet of this record.  One look at the stunning artwork, by Simon Fowler, should prepare the listener to immerse themselves.    

Nefarious vibrations abound on this bleak, early autumn evening, as the menacing, reverberating tones of 'Mercy Brown' accompany your descent to the abyss.  There is a beautiful weariness through which one traverses this track. Tones that may be characterized as foreboding and hazy inculcate your being as the undulating mass consumes the listener. The second track, 'The Northern Sky, Ablaze', is tantamount to locating an idyllic haven.  The dark, crunching tones are still present.  Yet, out of the opacity ascends bright, elongated tones.  The adroit juxtaposition of such extreme elements makes the music glisten.  'River Runs Like Jewels', the last track of side A, is a pastoral hymn compared to the first two tracks.  This track embodies my love of warm ambient music.  It lifts one from their malaise, permeates the soul, and for a brief minute there is an absence of hardship.  Side B immediately launches a harrowing missile at your head, in the form of 'Sleep Like the Dead'.  There is no room for hope, as dark, languid reverberations cover the expanse.  As it rolls along confidently, the mortal faces of the denizens are abject.  During this track, bluesy guitar percolates inside the dark, crawling mass. Later in the track, searing, encompassing noise approaches fervently, prepared to envelop your weary head.  In the fifth track, 'La Chasse-Galerie', thick, warbly tones and dark resonating vibrations coalesce, moving more proximate to the listener with time.  Approximately halfway through, the sound becomes more intense.  As the monolithic being moves forward excitedly, the dome is pierced by some of the most beautiful music of the year. Unequivocally, this is my favorite track of the album.  Sanguine Futures closes with the pensive and alluring, 'Methodist Bells' - a wonderful closing track.

As a lover of music, i am fond of how the seasons influence perception.  There is no better time to spin this record than the present.  When the elements portend something bleak, Sanguine Futures is the veil that provides cover to your body.  Sanguine Futures can be purchased by contacting John through his website.

peace and love, friends :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin - 3440 (TD56)

a transcendent listening experience.  This nug is for Josh, Nathan and Eric.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Every once in a while, a tape blows your mind to the extent that one desires to delve deeply, becoming ensconced to study its glistening beauty. On 3440, the split release from Josh Mason and Nathan McLaughlin on Eric Hardiman's stellar Tape Drift, both artists adeptly demonstrate their ability to craft fastidious, minimal works of art by utilizing space, restraint and texture among other qualities.  Both artists use the Teac 3440 reel-to-reel machine in their work, and this release is a tribute to the technology that imbues their art with a palpable feeling.

Some of you may be familiar with Josh Mason from his work as a curator of the excellent, but on hiatus, Sunshine Ltd.  Quite simply put, this is some of the most beautiful music you will hear this year.  And, with confidence i will assert that these tracks - compared to his sublime Sunshine releases - are the best to date.  His minimal, warm ambient hymns provide a gentle contour to the crackling leaves of autumn.  After copious listens, this is possibly the sound of a minimal High Llamas, circa Buzzle Bee.  By the way, the High Llamas are one of my favorite musical groups, and this statement is intended to be perceived as the highest of compliments.  Mason's side commences with a gentle, warm, bucolic vibe as diffuse, elongated blue tones are given room to traverse the environment.  In this release, a background noise reminiscent of the Mason/Smyth Outcroppings tape is present.  The noise perfectly coalesces with Josh's patient, vivid tones.  On the second track, the textures are different. Thick tones bellow, oscillate, ascend and then tumble to earth.  Of all three tracks, this one is my favorite - elegant, intimate and poignant.  The third track  is replete with melancholic tones to grace the dubious moon.  I often listen to this track at night; the tones shimmer in the energy bequeathed by the radiant moonlight and navy blue sky.  Unequivocally, an outstanding side of music.

It has been a fecund year for Nathan McLaughlin.  Along with his excellent lp on Senfuo Editions, Loud and Sad has just released a beautiful tape on Cae-Sur-a; a self-released companion lathe; and soon, an lp on Greenup.  His side of music is a wonderful example of one who is meticulous in their compositions.  It's quite pleasurable to study the sounds and sources that Nathan employs and the shape of his compositions.  Though the tape states that there are three separate tracks on this side, I experienced it as side-long piece of music.  As a curious energy swirls, plucked banjo strings stir in the ominous noise, defined by inchoate pulses that circumscribe the banjo.  Gradually, the noise begins to envelop the strings as squiggles of sound, reminiscent of an instrument used by Airto Moreira, join the pulsing noise.  With the banjo temporarily grounded, lovely noise - not heavy by any means - covers the expanse.  Soon, Nathan introduces fragments of bellowing, bluesy MV like guitar tones.  Further in the track, it feels like traversing an uncertain environment, as dark rhythms are underlined by a barely perceptible drone - quite beautiful!    And later, the faint rustling of strings becomes ensconced in emergent noise.

3440 is an example of a split tape done properly.  One of the highlights of the year, secure your copy via Tape Drift!

peace and love, friends :)  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Carlton Melton - Photos of Photos (AGIT018)

 straight to the head - the zenith.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Holy nugs!  On my birthday, my brotha from anotha mutha, the venerable Marc Roberts of Foxy Digitalis and Triangle Tapes, beamed these tracks - Photos of Photos from Carlton Melton on Agitated Records - straight to my hungry head.  It is the sonic force that made the flame from the candles flicker.  Carlton Melton specialize in calibrating minds for the trichome zones.  And, they are prolific at inducing those sensations.  Within the last two years, they have released Country Ways, Smoke Drip, and now, Photos of Photos.  The band is comprised of Andy Duvall - Guitar and Drums, Rich Millman - Guitar and Synthesizers, Brian McDougall – Drums, Clint Golden- Bass Guitar, and featuring John McBain on guitar/synth/echoplex.  On Photos of Photos, Carlton Melton spin lifted lullabies for your rise to apex - a sonic awakening.  

'Nor'easter' rips through the head like your best bud, demonstrating a capacity to encapsulate all who travel through its zones - bringing the periphery to the core with a powerful display of musicianship.  Immediately, Carlton Melton lock into a hypnotic groove as the confluence of sound takes a vertical trajectory.  Throughout, the listener is ensconced in the radiant warmth of their celestial sound - a heavy duty burner that gives me goosebumps.  Next, firmly settled in the ether, the title track presents idyllic drift comprised of glistening tones.  It sits snugly in the fuzzy, warm region of your head - tones for surveying the cosmos.  'Space Treader' manifests as menacing riffs slowly radiate from the abyss.  Gradually becoming, it's a portent to a heavy jam with protruding, glowing chords.  They close out the album with the ambient slow burn of  'Wingspan'.

These are the jams that you need in your head.  As I have found from experience, one should secure Carlton Melton vinyl immediately lest one miss out on an awesome listening experience.  Those who are interested may purchase the vinyl at Aquarius Records.

peace and love, friends :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Panabrite - Seychelles (Field Studies 08)

Sounds that encapsulate the natural wonders of the Seychelles - and glistening trichomes.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Since the split tape with Hobo Cubes, each subsequent Panabrite release - the project of Norm Chambers -  lifts the spirits and transports the mind to peaceful zones.  Seychelles, the latest Panabrite release on Field Studies, is your sonic conduit to a 44 minute meditation on the natural wonders and environment of this archipelago.  Over two sides of tape, Panabrite's soothing, lucid soundscapes take the heartache of the day and replace it with elegant melodies and halcyon sounds.  The one thing that consistently leaves my mouth agape is the attention Norm provides to his craft; the subtlety with which he introduces sounds/layers; and the meticulous composition of the tracks.  The music on Seychelles is analogous to a leaf floating serenely in the air - graceful and patient.  Day after day, Seychelles swims tranquilly in the fuzzy, warm region of my head.  Few artists operate in the zones in which Norm inhabits.

     'Lagoon Resonance' presents underwater transmissions illuminated by the glow of celestial bodies.  As the track matures, toward the end, sparkling tones create a playful atmosphere, while cascading sounds drift in the shallow environs.  Next up is the sublime track, 'Beau Vallon', in which Norm conjures images of beaches, clear waters and coral reefs through his adroit musicianship.  A mellow, submerged drone resonates gently, coupled with other layers of synth.  As mentioned previously, the subtlety and meticulosity employed in Norm's craft are highly conspicuous on 'Beau Vallon'.  A few minutes into the track, if one listens carefully, the formerly serene drone gradually morphs into something more languid, employing thicker tones.  It's a beautiful transition that takes the overall sound to the next level.  'Humid Zones' delights the listener with field recordings of birds and water combined with effervescent synth - a Kosmische zoner!  The final track on side A, the psychedelic 'Rainbows in Catacombs', commences with a thick, enveloping drone reminiscent of a harmonium, as warped synth structures are beamed forth from the darkness, moving sinuously and searching for light.  The flipside begins with a deep dive, as a myriad of cosmic sounds combine with immersed tones, transporting the listener to an azure zone.  Nothing quite prepared me for 'Turquoise Veil' - different than anything on the tape.  From the start, percussion and shakers mix with elongated tones.  The ritualistic rhythms are then juxtaposed to ephemeral, sparkling tones. 'Foraging' outlines your form with spiritual energy, like the sun warming your bare chest.  During the track, various synth patterns emerge, and, at a higher volume, coalesce into an effusive drone.  For these ears, the last track, 'Anse Boileau', is a masterpiece.  As pastoral synth meanders uniformly with soft, descending tones, one can almost picture the steep, verdant mountain that personifies the natural treasures of this beautiful area.

Achingly beautiful, Seychelles should be coupled with the best nugs on the top shelf!  All three of the tapes from the recent batch of Field Studies are great!  One may familiarize themselves with these two excellent resources:  An excellent interview with Bil Vermette and label proprietor, Eric Hanss by my friend Steve Dewhurst; and, an awesome review of the Brett Naucke tape by my friend, Brian.  All three tapes may be purchased through Field Studies, and Discriminate has copies of the Vermette and Naucke tapes.  Tickets to bliss!!

peace and love, friends :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clay Cantrell - The Tree Farmer (House of Alchemy 055)

a hazy folk nug from Clay Cantrell on House of Alchemy.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Fresh from the new batch  of House of Alchemy tapes, the Tree Farmer is the hazy light in the night or the nascent energy of the early morning.  The Tree Farmer - from Memphis/Nashville-based musician, Clay Cantrell, with Ashley Morris on viola - contains great songwriting, gorgeous vocals, and a mix of electric and acoustic reverie.  The first track demonstrates Clay's proficiency with the guitar, as his patient Chasny-like finger picking and gentle strums create a beautiful environment for the vocals.  Nothing quite prepares one for the third track, an electric deluge of thick, hash-oil tones, and heavily treated vocals, in the spirit of Jakob Olausson.   If you're into Six Organs or Jakob Olausson zones, or enjoyed the beautiful, yet limited, Bells Ringing in the Dells of Haunted Hours lp on Time Lag, then this tape is the medicine for your head.  The new batch from House of Alchemy is one of its best.  One may purchase The Tree Farmer, and the new batch, directly from House of Alchemy.

peace and love, friends :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sylvia Monnier - Never More Camellias (CW06)

Sylvia Monnier's beautiful sounds ensconced in the fuzzy, crystal-covered region of your head.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

BEST OF 2012

I know that i have stated it previously, but some of the best listening experiences of the year have been unexpected.  G√ľnter Schlienz - proprietor of Cosmic Winnetou and propagator of dreamy mod synth hymns - introduced me to Sylvia Monnier, a wonderful, warm ambient artist who resides in Lyon.  While Sylvia Monnier's gorgeous drones exude beauty, they are only one aspect of this highly engaging tape.  Never More Camellias breaths with all the beauty of life; and, the myriad of textures, as well as the manner in which these soundscapes are constructed, communicate a compelling, morphing and beautiful story - analogous to a slowly rotating kaleidoscope.  

From the outset, the listener is entranced by her elegant sounds, as a metallic drone is coupled with ominous, heavy tones and cosmic signals.  The last track on side A, 'Two Currency Street', is simply breathtaking.  In this track, a grainy drone reverberates as random signals beam across the expanse - lone transmissions searching for light.  Near the end of the track, the drone oscillates past cosmic particles, pushing forward into the mysterious night.  On the flipside, Sylvia Monnier's warm drone glistens with love - as waves of sound intermingle in the background.  It grows and then slightly recedes, personifying the vacillating nature of life.  It truly is an ascendant piece of music, and, at this juncture, i would not expect anything less from this mesmerizing cassette - true fuel for the sonic traveler.  The next track, 'Swirled Rainwater', is a departure in sound and mood from the other tracks, as elongated tones reverberate with a metallic edge, while thumping tones are nestled in the background.  Those tones gradually become more assertive as they are joined by swirling vocals - the wildest track yet!  The closing track, "Fitful Sleep", is played repeatedly here at the house.  A soft drone meanders pensively, juxtaposed to rhythmic tones.  Unexpectedly, a buoyant, voluminous tone expands in the atmosphere.  This track is heaven!

Friends, this tape comes with my highest recommendation.  The music of Sylvia Monnier is quite simply some of the most pleasing that i have listened to this year.  Also, this music deserves your attention.  Perhaps it could exist as background music, but that would defeat the purpose.  Sylvia Monnier's music is meant to glisten in front of your eyes, to exist in the fuzzy region of your head.  Never More Camellias is produced on chrome tape, home-dubbed on an akai tape deck in real time, with professionally printed j-cards featuring the artwork of Micka Perez.  One needs to act quickly, as there are a few remaining tapes available from Cosmic Winnetou.  Don't miss out on one of 2012's best tapes!

peace and love, friends :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cumulus - Nothing Matters (HWY003)

drones and trichomes - peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

A few months ago, I reached into the nug luv bag for a stellar tape from an incipient label based in Asheville NC, Headway Recordings.  On that occasion, Headway enchanted us with the fascinating guitar compositions of Tashi Dorji.  With their latest release - Nothing Matters by Cumulus - Headway moves into drone, looking to re-calibrate your brainwaves via patient, slowly unfolding dark ambient soundscapes.  Dark may be an overstatement - especially when one considers the warmer shades of sound throughout the album and definitely conspicuous on the opener, "Vermis".  Yet, this prodigious initial offering from Cumulus  exists in an area of the aural spectrum that is a confluence of warm and dark ambient art.  Cumulus is the project of Leon Liebenberg, and his aural dreams are realized with acoustic instrumentation, processed field recordings, bass and beats.  Upon listening to this for the first time, I quickly noticed Leon's acuity and adroit ability in the use of space - and the pace of the tracks - to augment the poignancy of the sonics.  The music unfolds naturally - nothing is contrived.  Additionally, he employs beats, which take the drones to a higher strata.

It enters your body much like the golden morning sun, as it shines through your window and graces the interior of the room with its embryonic warmth and promise.  'Vermis', the opening track, soon drifts through the unadulterated air with its resonating bass lines, horn and beats.  'Sondag' features pulsating tones that periodically swell juxtaposed to heavy beats that gradually increase in stature.  In this instance, the beats endow the exquisite sound with a sense of urgency.  The flipside contains one track, 'Stuck Out Here'.  The heavy dissonance in the beginning is stunning, and it reminds me of something from Tim Hecker.  There is a disconcerting, yet extremely beautiful feeling to side B.  Even through the opaque sheet of noise, hopeful tones are audible.  Later in the track early forming tones echo, trying to survive in the pulsating darkness.  The ending is particularly beautiful, as the track fades into the consuming night sky.

Nothing Matters is a wonderful experience in sound and released by one of the best young labels.  Here's to hoping that the second release from Cumulus arrives quickly!  Such an impressive release is sure to sell quickly - buy your copy directly from Headway Recordings.

peace and love, friends :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cosmic Dead - Exalted King (Dub Dutch Picnic 1971.025)

the fuel for the journey - prepared to catapult you into the celestial, crystal-covered realm of The Cosmic Dead.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

This resin-soaked beast of a cassette, from the Cosmic Dead, should be required listening for any professed lover of heavy jams.  These Glasgow-based rockers blazed a glorious path earlier this year on Who Can You Trust?.  Now they return with the psych/space rocker, Exalted King, on Dub Dutch Picnic.  This trip requires some serious fuel. It's an epic journey through the third eye.  Travelers should pack lightly as these cosmic jams will illuminate your head-space with its smoldering, yet heavy pace.  

The title track commences side A, as the crystal-covered jam ascends like a Phoenix, pulsing with vitality.  The bong smoke languidly encircling the head and beamed into the cosmic zone.  The early-rising vibes of "Exalted King" grow in intensity, as the guitars turn frenetic in the presence of a chugging groove.   Reverb-covered tones dance fervently.  Soon, the jam transitions, existing in the slipstream until the bass returns with its dreamy groove, moving sinuously through the air in search of higher environs.  The bass and percussion on Exalted King are awesome.  More so, the overall musicianship is of great magnitude.  Approximately thirty minutes in, the groove shifts and the guitar tones glisten in the luminous moonlight.  Warped guitar echoes in the head, resuscitating the hard-driving groove that initially beamed us into this trichome-covered environment.  The zenith is visible from the highest peak as the listener is bathed in ritualistic haze.  Near the end of side A, the vibe becomes ominous and more inward seeking; at this juncture, dazed from the sonic ecstasy, all i can manage to say is, "oh, exalted king, be the iridescent force that propels us to a propitious future."

"Anatta", the first track of the flipside, commences much like a ritual, the resonant tones and chanting overcoming the tape hiss and mutating, when ionic guitar circles your head, probing for a crevice to disseminate its charged matter. A timorous feeling takes hold.  The prescient vision is about to manifest. A righteous groove takes hold, when a confluence of guitars erupt -a beautiful beginning to side B. The entire tape feels like one big jam as it transitions into "Anaphora", the closer.  Sagacious chanting fills the room, and not knowing that which to expect, a blissful groove emerges from the ashram, its contours imbued by the heavenly guitar.  Soon, blazing transmissions emerge like a mythic stalagmite, rising fervently from the ground to pierce the dome.The psychotropic energy inherent on this tape boils excitedly, prepared to erupt with its accumulated energy.

Tapes such as Exalted King embody the traits that make me excited about music.  It glistens like the trichomes from my favorite nug.  Being a limited-edition release, there are likely only a few of these floating around.  Get your fix at either Eclipse Records or Dub Dutch Picnic.

peace and love, friends :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tidal - Olympus (Chemical Tapes BOD)

Scaling the peaks with Jimmy and the trichomes.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Lately, i have engaged in a particular type of research.  Not the stuff from my university days - i've left SAS and the regressions on the desk, where they belong.  Rather, I strapped the bong to my back and scaled the peaks - the rarefied environment in which Jimmy Billingham's Tidal project sparkles like the trichomes from your best bud.  On the overcast, grey days that seem intractable, Jimmy's ethereal hymns, on Olympus from Chemical Tapes, lift one from their malaise and set the pace for the day.

Jimmy's music possesses a unique emotional intensity that is conspicuous from the time one presses play.  On 'Phoenix Follower', his drones roll  placidly, when a bright dose of sound imbues the heights with vivid colors.    It then quickly descends into murky environs.  The languid ending to the track is beautiful, as the Phoenix and its nest burn brightly, reincarnated.  On the flipside, 'Serpentine' opens with morphing, opaque tones that move tortuously through the tape hiss.  The tones have the quality of being frayed.  Soon, these sounds become more soothing, as a sparkling drone resonates in the background.  In the closing track, 'Golden Oriole', Jimmy paints a serene picture as idyllic tones drift serenely through the fog.  The sound here is different from the others, and the Belong-like feel is awesome!  Despite its relatively short length, it is my favorite track on the tape.

And now, it's time for you to perform some research and have the unparalleled experiences that a Tidal tape provides.  Olympus was produced in a limited edition of 75 tapes, pro-dubbed with artwork from Jimmy.  Along with Tidal and Venn Rain, Jimmy recently started an excellent label, Sunk Series.  Check out Sunk Series and buy Olympus directly from Chemical Tapes.

peace and love, friends :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kevin Greenspon - Maroon Bells (Bridgetown #72)

Guitar drones from one of the best.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Maroon Bells finds Bridgetown Records proprietor, Kevin Greenspon, spinning blurry, yet vivid tapestries of sound from his guitar.  Kevin's guitar compositions have the effect of gradually swelling in your presence and morphing, all the while slowly enveloping the listener.  According to the description on the Bridgetown webpage, these tracks represent concise recollections of personal memories.  And, as a whole, the tape sounds like a confluence of specific points in time.  The uplifting, "Fifteen and Descending on Corona" gives way to the introspective title track, "Maroon Bells".  On this track, elongated and delicate tones swell, giving way to blurred currents of guitar.  It drifts peacefully, until the listener is subsumed by crackling noise.  The flipside commences with "Scaffold", an ethereal track of ascendant chords.  Pulsing blotches of guitar circumscribe a magnificent drone.  "Opacity of Man" is an affecting piece of music - my favorite track of the tape.

Currently, Kevin is travelling through the US on the final leg of a comprehensive tour.  His show in Pittsburgh was outstanding, and I highly recommend experiencing his music in a live setting - as well as securing a few lovely items from his merch table.  The remaining dates are listed below.  Anybody interested in obtaining a copy of Maroon Bells can purchase directly from Bridgetown.

peace and love, friends :)

Monday, October 1
 Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree Records w/ asentimentalsong
Tuesday, October 2
 Carrboro, NC @ Meadows of Dan w/ Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
Wednesday, October 3
 Asheville, NC @ Blackout Effectors w/ Lantern, Difference Clouds, Nest Egg
Thursday, October 4
 Columbia, SC @ Tapp's Art Center w/ Roomdance, Elvis Depressedly
Friday, October 5
 Savannah, GA @ 1417 Jefferson St.
Saturday, October 6
 Jacksonville, FL @ +SoLo Gallery w/ Bluesharp, Josh Mason, Koas
Sunday, October 7
 Gainesville, FL - Action Research presents @ Display w/ Bluesharp, Ironing
Monday, October 8
 St. Petersburg, FL @ The Venture Compound w/ Lovebrrd, Hadron Collider, Jonathan Handcock, The Subliminator and Craig Liesli, Josh Martin and His Imaginary Orchestra, Infinite Third
Tuesday, October 9
 Sarasota, FL @ The New College of Florida w/ Lovebrrd, DC9V, Vasectomy Party
Wednesday, October 10
 Orlando, FL @ Sip w/ Dan Reaves (21+)
Thursday, October 11
 Atlanta, GA @ Joe's w/ Quiet Evenings, Easily Suede
Friday, October 12
 Nashville, TN @ The Zombie Shop w/ Bevo Francis (Kentucky), Sparkling Wide Pressure, Sugar Skulls, Geoffrey Sexton
Saturday, October 13
 Caneyville, KY @ the Zumba building w/ Bevo Francis, Bloody Ridge Rum Runners
Sunday, October 14
 Bowling Green, KY @ Cameron's house
Monday, October 15
 Memphis, TN @ house show w/ Aster
Tuesday, October 16
 Conway, AR @ The White House w/ Neon Glittery
Wednesday, October 17
 Fayetteville, AR @ The Pleasure Chest
Thursday, October 18
 Oklahoma @ TBA, help
Friday, October 19
 Albuquerque, NM @ Moldspores w/ Hedia, D. Brigman
Saturday, October 20
Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space w/ Treasure MammaL, James Fella, Christian Filardo