Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clay Cantrell - The Tree Farmer (House of Alchemy 055)

a hazy folk nug from Clay Cantrell on House of Alchemy.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Fresh from the new batch  of House of Alchemy tapes, the Tree Farmer is the hazy light in the night or the nascent energy of the early morning.  The Tree Farmer - from Memphis/Nashville-based musician, Clay Cantrell, with Ashley Morris on viola - contains great songwriting, gorgeous vocals, and a mix of electric and acoustic reverie.  The first track demonstrates Clay's proficiency with the guitar, as his patient Chasny-like finger picking and gentle strums create a beautiful environment for the vocals.  Nothing quite prepares one for the third track, an electric deluge of thick, hash-oil tones, and heavily treated vocals, in the spirit of Jakob Olausson.   If you're into Six Organs or Jakob Olausson zones, or enjoyed the beautiful, yet limited, Bells Ringing in the Dells of Haunted Hours lp on Time Lag, then this tape is the medicine for your head.  The new batch from House of Alchemy is one of its best.  One may purchase The Tree Farmer, and the new batch, directly from House of Alchemy.

peace and love, friends :)