Monday, October 29, 2012

High Aura'd - Sanguine Futures (Bathetic 63)

one should take extra trichomes for this trip.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When the opaque sky and harsh climate leave one feeling abject and numb, Sanguine Futures, the latest release from High Aura'd - the project of John Kolodij - on Bathetic, rides to the rescue by suffusing your head with bleak and enlightening drones.  Though this lp was released in the summer, it really connects during the current time of year.  One of my favorite things to do lately is listen to this record while peering at the obscured sky.  The image of the sky, above the text, encapsulates the feel of this record: Through a rolling fog, one traverses through the unrelenting drone, emitting specks of sunlight that give the blissful sound a luminous contour.  Sanguine Futures is blissful, discordant, foreboding, hopeful and omnipotent.  And, compared to John's previous work, Sanguine Futures has a darker edge to its sound - an excellent facet of this record.  One look at the stunning artwork, by Simon Fowler, should prepare the listener to immerse themselves.    

Nefarious vibrations abound on this bleak, early autumn evening, as the menacing, reverberating tones of 'Mercy Brown' accompany your descent to the abyss.  There is a beautiful weariness through which one traverses this track. Tones that may be characterized as foreboding and hazy inculcate your being as the undulating mass consumes the listener. The second track, 'The Northern Sky, Ablaze', is tantamount to locating an idyllic haven.  The dark, crunching tones are still present.  Yet, out of the opacity ascends bright, elongated tones.  The adroit juxtaposition of such extreme elements makes the music glisten.  'River Runs Like Jewels', the last track of side A, is a pastoral hymn compared to the first two tracks.  This track embodies my love of warm ambient music.  It lifts one from their malaise, permeates the soul, and for a brief minute there is an absence of hardship.  Side B immediately launches a harrowing missile at your head, in the form of 'Sleep Like the Dead'.  There is no room for hope, as dark, languid reverberations cover the expanse.  As it rolls along confidently, the mortal faces of the denizens are abject.  During this track, bluesy guitar percolates inside the dark, crawling mass. Later in the track, searing, encompassing noise approaches fervently, prepared to envelop your weary head.  In the fifth track, 'La Chasse-Galerie', thick, warbly tones and dark resonating vibrations coalesce, moving more proximate to the listener with time.  Approximately halfway through, the sound becomes more intense.  As the monolithic being moves forward excitedly, the dome is pierced by some of the most beautiful music of the year. Unequivocally, this is my favorite track of the album.  Sanguine Futures closes with the pensive and alluring, 'Methodist Bells' - a wonderful closing track.

As a lover of music, i am fond of how the seasons influence perception.  There is no better time to spin this record than the present.  When the elements portend something bleak, Sanguine Futures is the veil that provides cover to your body.  Sanguine Futures can be purchased by contacting John through his website.

peace and love, friends :)