Monday, December 30, 2013

Tasty Trichomes 2013

Oh yeaaaah - fire in the hole! Tasty Trichomes has returned to get you lifted 2013 style. Every release reviewed on this site is thoroughly enjoyed. Yet, there are some which affected me prodigiously. This list, along with the one from Tabs Out, contains some of those high watermark moments.
Regarding the list, it is ordered randomly. More so, there are several releases here that were not reviewed on this site. Some will be reviewed in the forthcoming weeks.

 Nothing approached the heady beauty of Herbcraft's The Astral Body Electric - it's the gift which keeps giving and easily my number one release. Thank you to the folks that have visited the site over the past two years! Well, the hash oil is bubbling and the kief is shimmering in the light. Let's burn one together, friends. I'll see you in 2014 with reviews from Cosmic Winnetou, Already Dead, Cave, No Kings, Eiderdown and many more! Happy new year to you and your families. I hope 2014 brings health and happiness to all! Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :) 

C. Joynes et Son Ensemble - Portland Arse (Sloow Tapes)

Jake Blanchard - Archaic Practices (FCR13)

Fluorescent Heights - Tidal Motions (PURR021)

Kyle Landstra - Sage (CW09)

Stinging Nettle - Untitled (Tabernacle Tapes)

Grant Evans - Dragging Alabaster (House of Sun)

Von Himmel - Rock N Roll Animal/Traum Esel (Donkey Disk)

Alan Gesso - Obliscence (Field Studies 12)

Glass House - Savage Times (Sicsic046)

Courtly Illusion Limited - Untitled (Space Slave 14)

Herbcraft - The Astral Body Electric (Woodsist 066)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Excavation (Assommer 003)

Pierrot Lunaire - This Love of Mine (Sicsic042)

Thoughts on Air - January Man (Worn Habit no. 07)

Pandelindio - Fuego Y Soma (FCR019)

Günter Schlienz - Catalanian Tapes (SR-02)

Golden Gunn - S/T (TLR 095)

Ecstatic Cosmic Union - XCU (EID 007)

VA/ Pop Yeh Yeh - Psychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970: Vol. 1 (SF 079 CD)

Former Selves - Calico Sunset (Sicsic053)

Golden Pawn - This Lake is A Misty Mirror (Space Slave 17)

Paul Hares - Blurred (RC70)

Chalaque - Sounds From the Other Ideology (FCR23)

White Poppy - Drifter's Gold (PURR0034)

Rainbow Body - Free Sentient Beings (GJ-044)

Mendocino - Ray's Chapel (Old Man Tapes #1)

Black Thread - Fragrant Hoof Carvings (Turmeric Magnitudes)

Thoughts on Air/NoShoesandOneSock (TT-03)

 I am Just a Pupil - I Don't Know Yet (dbt.XXIV)

Lace Bows - Bows of Summer (ExoTape016)

Hellvete - Sint-Denijs (BRR245)

Xiphiidae - Quaking Myth (Zorn33)

Kevin Greenspon/Former Selves - Betrayed By The Angels/Apropos of Golden Dreams (Bridgetown #100)

Robbie Basho - Visions of the Country (GNM026)

Portopia '81 - Electronic Communication (GJ-041)

Gerda Taro - The First Hundred Years (NL001)

Christopher Merritt - Imaginary Colors (Orange Milk 2013)

VA - Duets II (TQ51)

DSR Lines - Venndiagram (SK009)

Sleeper - From Beyond (SNT007)

Rafi Bookstaber - Still Way (Azriel 10)

Monte - Index (Dept04)

Vales - Boreal Head Trip (Skell015)

Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - Striiide (DD08)

Bird People - Water Buffalo (Sloow Tapes)

Raising Holy Sparks - Bright Angel Trail (CW16)

MV&EE - Shade Grown (BRR270)

Von Himmel -Weltraumrückführungsübereinkommen  (Sloow Wax 002)

Mike Gangloff - Poplar Hollow (BRR257)

Flamen Dialis - Symptome-Dei (Papaaver 003)

Steve Gunn - Time Off (POB-08)

Suzuki Junzo - Sings II (MVD5921LP)

peace and love, friends :)