Monday, December 9, 2013

Gaël Moissonnier - Live at Knot Gallery (ORL15)

 psychotropic modular vibrations for your head. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Usually, I do not post out of print releases that are unavailable to purchase. However, Gaël Moissonnier's performance at Knot Gallery in early 2013 - released on Orila Records of Greece - is the type of electronic music that is vivid, distinctive, kaleidoscopic, and psychedelically unpredictable. An experimental artist from France, Gaël Moissonnier utilizes analog modular synthesizer, field recordings and tapes in his music. Psychoactive, variegated layers are coated by thick and noisy processed field recordings. The deluge is frenetic and dazzling. Surging with enigmatic energy, it orbits the head at unfathomable velocity.  

Sold out at the source, a copy is available through a discogs seller with the same name as Gaël's label, Zerojardins. Additionally, the performance in its entirety is still available for your listening pleasure at Orila.

peace and love, friends :)

thanks to zimbra for the good vibe