Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bird People / Hering und seine sieben Sachen - Drone Harvest Tour Tape (FCR25)

three things that never let me down (no order): the apothecary; Bird People; and Hering und seine sieben Sachen. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Drone Harvest Tour Tape is the sound of two friends burning a path through the cosmos with a combination of ritual zoners and celestial, abstract soundscapes. The cassette is comprised of tracks by Ulrich Rois (Bird People, Feathered Coyote Records) and Daniel Voigt (Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Sicsic Tapes). Recorded in July of 2013, Drone Harvest Tour Tape was created to channel the spirits of the tour, which occurred from August 30 to September 9. Once your head is enlightened by the varied experimental psych of Bird People, Hering und seine sieben Sachen programs the spacecraft to a dimension yet explored.

Undulating waves place one in a trichome trance. Ethereal vibrations flutter in the haze, as Bird People's side commences. One drifts in concord with the mesmerizing energy that moves dreamily. A few minutes in, a solemn drone abuts vacillating currents. Bird People guides the listener through some deep zones in this track. Later, electronics twinkle near prodigious constellations. The next track exemplifies the reason that I fill my head with Bird People tapes whenever possible. Sustained piano notes permeate the listener with ease. Trembling with awesome energy, yet pure as the morning light, it ripples faithfully through the soul. I like to bring in the day with these vibrations. The second track is a minimal masterpiece that is ubiquitous in the heart and head. It's at this moment in the recording that I usually utter, "These Bird People tapes are among the best I've listened to all year." Each tape presents a new sonic experience, once which is vibrant, and glistens in the stereo field - visceral and intimate. The Sloow tape, though it has yet to be reviewed here is something to which I meditate. Side A of that tape, Water Buffalo, has few peers in this realm. Track two drifts into the third, 'Motel Oblivion'. Locked in, we float on a carpet compromised of cosmic drone and tranquil vibrations - Miles in the Sky!

Hering und seine sieben Sachen's side begins with the appropriately titled, 'Lights at Distance'. Spacey and ominous oscillations and foreboding drone swirl. Solemn in sections, it evolves with a lovely synth section occasionally intersected by disintegrating currents. Later, the track is fleshed out by more layers of resonant electronics - lovely! Towards the end, it displays a dynamic character. The second track contains an enigmatic sequence of notes that rumbles, beeps, and buzzes frenetically. Shortly, the components merge into a stream of luminous energy. Near the end, random signals bounce effervescently. In the last track, sparse figures are scattered below as the aerial tramway glides over the empty city corridors. It begins with a loop and fluctuations that move randomly. Soon, layers of synth float pleasantly, as the fluctuations become more vigorous until tapering towards the end of the track.

This review refers to the cassette on Feathered Coyote Records, which also appears in the latest Siscic batch. Home-dubbed in an edition of 50 blue tapes, the excellent artwork is credited to Ronnie Oliveras. Drone Harvest Tour Tape may be purchased directly from Feathered Coyote. The Sicsic version of 50 black tapes may be purchased directly from the Sicsic site.
peace and love, friends :)