Friday, December 6, 2013

Holly Waxwing - Goldleaf Acrobatics (NL002)

here comes the sunshine! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Goldleaf Acrobatics by Holly Waxwing is akin to the occurrence of a sun strobe. The listener, arms open and torso stretched, presses play and receives abundant beams of mellow, ethereal vibrations from the source. Pure grip it and rip action here on one of my favorite labels of 2013, Noumenal Loom. With joints blazing and the sun reflector handy, I could absorb Holly's dank, slow-rising waves and chilled beats that occur on 'Goloboie (feat. Pug)' all day - an endorphin that disseminates the lifted love craved so much by this blog. The crystal-covered collages in this c50, which repeat on side b, are varied with no one musical realm dominating.

 These sample-based instrumentals party under a stylistic tent that's as expansive as clouds of hash oil smoke - jazz, hip-hop, R&B, ambient/experimental among others. With Holly's aura at its highest point in the sky, my scrambled head transitions to the fluttering, playful sonics of 'Dolphinpods'. Nascent and warm, it moves in and out of focus, begetting a pleasantly disorienting feel. The slightly shrouded tropical/Brasilian pop vibe at the end seals the deal. 'Silktails for Isabel' is smooth and buoyant. Meanwhile, 'Shy Mimosa', is a lifted lullaby beamed from utopia. If I ever have a kid, the sweet vibes here will be required listening prior to bedtime. 'Backspin (feat. Isleapple)' is a nice variation on the first four tracks. Less euphoric than its peers, it later transitions to a cool, mysterious climate - lovely! Next, we return to serene and mellifluous environs via 'Swim Team (w/t Pug). Nigori Springs (feat. Plains and LBTV) takes one higher than at any point on the tape. 

Another thing about these tapes: they have been prepared for your head with the utmost kindness and care. Each home-dubbed tape in the initial batch of Noumenal Loom features stunning artwork by Brenna Murphy. Released in an edition of 75 cassettes, this tape and the entire batch is sold out at the source. I did read something about a small repress in December, but maybe I was dreaming in the indica haze. In the interim, dig the digital tracks

peace and love, friends :)