Friday, December 13, 2013

Vales - Boreal Head Trip (Skell 015)

pure cannabis indica and Vales gonna scorch that earth! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

 My index finger trembles in anticipation as it approaches the play button. You see, the Overman in this realm manifests as guttural energy that explodes in the barren sky and descends ominously on the quivering listener. This nug has it all for the noise heads in the population. Tones with fangs that split at the seams and douse one in an array of textures. Sometimes it penetrates with acute precision - strident and uncompromising. At other times, the tape is a bubbling morass which oozes preternatural energy. As one tries to find their footing, sonic shrapnel besets the listener. With the tape rolling and consuming vibrations unceasing, it must be fate. I spilled a drop of hash oil on my pants upon being bludgeoned by these next-level apocalyptic tremors and vibrations. The viscous, sticky substance is now ingrained in the fibers of my pants - it's never going to be removed; and the same can be said for the effect on my head of Vales' - the project of Dave Doyen - modular opus on Skell Records, titled Boreal Head Trip. Doyen proceeds in surgical fashion, ripping one's head wide open and unleashing the type of aural therapy that we thrive on here at Honest Bag. Yet, while the scalpel is covered in trichomes, in the other hand resides a conductors baton. Doyen is keenly perceptive, and the attentive listener will come to quickly appreciate the manner in which the passages that comprise each side develop.  

Are you ripped and ready? The deluge beckons. Released in an edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes, Boreal Head Trip may be purchased directly from Skell Records.

peace and love, friends :)