Monday, October 22, 2012

Carlton Melton - Photos of Photos (AGIT018)

 straight to the head - the zenith.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Holy nugs!  On my birthday, my brotha from anotha mutha, the venerable Marc Roberts of Foxy Digitalis and Triangle Tapes, beamed these tracks - Photos of Photos from Carlton Melton on Agitated Records - straight to my hungry head.  It is the sonic force that made the flame from the candles flicker.  Carlton Melton specialize in calibrating minds for the trichome zones.  And, they are prolific at inducing those sensations.  Within the last two years, they have released Country Ways, Smoke Drip, and now, Photos of Photos.  The band is comprised of Andy Duvall - Guitar and Drums, Rich Millman - Guitar and Synthesizers, Brian McDougall – Drums, Clint Golden- Bass Guitar, and featuring John McBain on guitar/synth/echoplex.  On Photos of Photos, Carlton Melton spin lifted lullabies for your rise to apex - a sonic awakening.  

'Nor'easter' rips through the head like your best bud, demonstrating a capacity to encapsulate all who travel through its zones - bringing the periphery to the core with a powerful display of musicianship.  Immediately, Carlton Melton lock into a hypnotic groove as the confluence of sound takes a vertical trajectory.  Throughout, the listener is ensconced in the radiant warmth of their celestial sound - a heavy duty burner that gives me goosebumps.  Next, firmly settled in the ether, the title track presents idyllic drift comprised of glistening tones.  It sits snugly in the fuzzy, warm region of your head - tones for surveying the cosmos.  'Space Treader' manifests as menacing riffs slowly radiate from the abyss.  Gradually becoming, it's a portent to a heavy jam with protruding, glowing chords.  They close out the album with the ambient slow burn of  'Wingspan'.

These are the jams that you need in your head.  As I have found from experience, one should secure Carlton Melton vinyl immediately lest one miss out on an awesome listening experience.  Those who are interested may purchase the vinyl at Aquarius Records.

peace and love, friends :)