Monday, October 1, 2012

Kevin Greenspon - Maroon Bells (Bridgetown #72)

Guitar drones from one of the best.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Maroon Bells finds Bridgetown Records proprietor, Kevin Greenspon, spinning blurry, yet vivid tapestries of sound from his guitar.  Kevin's guitar compositions have the effect of gradually swelling in your presence and morphing, all the while slowly enveloping the listener.  According to the description on the Bridgetown webpage, these tracks represent concise recollections of personal memories.  And, as a whole, the tape sounds like a confluence of specific points in time.  The uplifting, "Fifteen and Descending on Corona" gives way to the introspective title track, "Maroon Bells".  On this track, elongated and delicate tones swell, giving way to blurred currents of guitar.  It drifts peacefully, until the listener is subsumed by crackling noise.  The flipside commences with "Scaffold", an ethereal track of ascendant chords.  Pulsing blotches of guitar circumscribe a magnificent drone.  "Opacity of Man" is an affecting piece of music - my favorite track of the tape.

Currently, Kevin is travelling through the US on the final leg of a comprehensive tour.  His show in Pittsburgh was outstanding, and I highly recommend experiencing his music in a live setting - as well as securing a few lovely items from his merch table.  The remaining dates are listed below.  Anybody interested in obtaining a copy of Maroon Bells can purchase directly from Bridgetown.

peace and love, friends :)

Monday, October 1
 Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree Records w/ asentimentalsong
Tuesday, October 2
 Carrboro, NC @ Meadows of Dan w/ Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
Wednesday, October 3
 Asheville, NC @ Blackout Effectors w/ Lantern, Difference Clouds, Nest Egg
Thursday, October 4
 Columbia, SC @ Tapp's Art Center w/ Roomdance, Elvis Depressedly
Friday, October 5
 Savannah, GA @ 1417 Jefferson St.
Saturday, October 6
 Jacksonville, FL @ +SoLo Gallery w/ Bluesharp, Josh Mason, Koas
Sunday, October 7
 Gainesville, FL - Action Research presents @ Display w/ Bluesharp, Ironing
Monday, October 8
 St. Petersburg, FL @ The Venture Compound w/ Lovebrrd, Hadron Collider, Jonathan Handcock, The Subliminator and Craig Liesli, Josh Martin and His Imaginary Orchestra, Infinite Third
Tuesday, October 9
 Sarasota, FL @ The New College of Florida w/ Lovebrrd, DC9V, Vasectomy Party
Wednesday, October 10
 Orlando, FL @ Sip w/ Dan Reaves (21+)
Thursday, October 11
 Atlanta, GA @ Joe's w/ Quiet Evenings, Easily Suede
Friday, October 12
 Nashville, TN @ The Zombie Shop w/ Bevo Francis (Kentucky), Sparkling Wide Pressure, Sugar Skulls, Geoffrey Sexton
Saturday, October 13
 Caneyville, KY @ the Zumba building w/ Bevo Francis, Bloody Ridge Rum Runners
Sunday, October 14
 Bowling Green, KY @ Cameron's house
Monday, October 15
 Memphis, TN @ house show w/ Aster
Tuesday, October 16
 Conway, AR @ The White House w/ Neon Glittery
Wednesday, October 17
 Fayetteville, AR @ The Pleasure Chest
Thursday, October 18
 Oklahoma @ TBA, help
Friday, October 19
 Albuquerque, NM @ Moldspores w/ Hedia, D. Brigman
Saturday, October 20
Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space w/ Treasure MammaL, James Fella, Christian Filardo