Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sylvia Monnier - Never More Camellias (CW06)

Sylvia Monnier's beautiful sounds ensconced in the fuzzy, crystal-covered region of your head.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

BEST OF 2012

I know that i have stated it previously, but some of the best listening experiences of the year have been unexpected.  Günter Schlienz - proprietor of Cosmic Winnetou and propagator of dreamy mod synth hymns - introduced me to Sylvia Monnier, a wonderful, warm ambient artist who resides in Lyon.  While Sylvia Monnier's gorgeous drones exude beauty, they are only one aspect of this highly engaging tape.  Never More Camellias breaths with all the beauty of life; and, the myriad of textures, as well as the manner in which these soundscapes are constructed, communicate a compelling, morphing and beautiful story - analogous to a slowly rotating kaleidoscope.  

From the outset, the listener is entranced by her elegant sounds, as a metallic drone is coupled with ominous, heavy tones and cosmic signals.  The last track on side A, 'Two Currency Street', is simply breathtaking.  In this track, a grainy drone reverberates as random signals beam across the expanse - lone transmissions searching for light.  Near the end of the track, the drone oscillates past cosmic particles, pushing forward into the mysterious night.  On the flipside, Sylvia Monnier's warm drone glistens with love - as waves of sound intermingle in the background.  It grows and then slightly recedes, personifying the vacillating nature of life.  It truly is an ascendant piece of music, and, at this juncture, i would not expect anything less from this mesmerizing cassette - true fuel for the sonic traveler.  The next track, 'Swirled Rainwater', is a departure in sound and mood from the other tracks, as elongated tones reverberate with a metallic edge, while thumping tones are nestled in the background.  Those tones gradually become more assertive as they are joined by swirling vocals - the wildest track yet!  The closing track, "Fitful Sleep", is played repeatedly here at the house.  A soft drone meanders pensively, juxtaposed to rhythmic tones.  Unexpectedly, a buoyant, voluminous tone expands in the atmosphere.  This track is heaven!

Friends, this tape comes with my highest recommendation.  The music of Sylvia Monnier is quite simply some of the most pleasing that i have listened to this year.  Also, this music deserves your attention.  Perhaps it could exist as background music, but that would defeat the purpose.  Sylvia Monnier's music is meant to glisten in front of your eyes, to exist in the fuzzy region of your head.  Never More Camellias is produced on chrome tape, home-dubbed on an akai tape deck in real time, with professionally printed j-cards featuring the artwork of Micka Perez.  One needs to act quickly, as there are a few remaining tapes available from Cosmic Winnetou.  Don't miss out on one of 2012's best tapes!

peace and love, friends :)