Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Panabrite - Seychelles (Field Studies 08)

Sounds that encapsulate the natural wonders of the Seychelles - and glistening trichomes.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Since the split tape with Hobo Cubes, each subsequent Panabrite release - the project of Norm Chambers -  lifts the spirits and transports the mind to peaceful zones.  Seychelles, the latest Panabrite release on Field Studies, is your sonic conduit to a 44 minute meditation on the natural wonders and environment of this archipelago.  Over two sides of tape, Panabrite's soothing, lucid soundscapes take the heartache of the day and replace it with elegant melodies and halcyon sounds.  The one thing that consistently leaves my mouth agape is the attention Norm provides to his craft; the subtlety with which he introduces sounds/layers; and the meticulous composition of the tracks.  The music on Seychelles is analogous to a leaf floating serenely in the air - graceful and patient.  Day after day, Seychelles swims tranquilly in the fuzzy, warm region of my head.  Few artists operate in the zones in which Norm inhabits.

     'Lagoon Resonance' presents underwater transmissions illuminated by the glow of celestial bodies.  As the track matures, toward the end, sparkling tones create a playful atmosphere, while cascading sounds drift in the shallow environs.  Next up is the sublime track, 'Beau Vallon', in which Norm conjures images of beaches, clear waters and coral reefs through his adroit musicianship.  A mellow, submerged drone resonates gently, coupled with other layers of synth.  As mentioned previously, the subtlety and meticulosity employed in Norm's craft are highly conspicuous on 'Beau Vallon'.  A few minutes into the track, if one listens carefully, the formerly serene drone gradually morphs into something more languid, employing thicker tones.  It's a beautiful transition that takes the overall sound to the next level.  'Humid Zones' delights the listener with field recordings of birds and water combined with effervescent synth - a Kosmische zoner!  The final track on side A, the psychedelic 'Rainbows in Catacombs', commences with a thick, enveloping drone reminiscent of a harmonium, as warped synth structures are beamed forth from the darkness, moving sinuously and searching for light.  The flipside begins with a deep dive, as a myriad of cosmic sounds combine with immersed tones, transporting the listener to an azure zone.  Nothing quite prepared me for 'Turquoise Veil' - different than anything on the tape.  From the start, percussion and shakers mix with elongated tones.  The ritualistic rhythms are then juxtaposed to ephemeral, sparkling tones. 'Foraging' outlines your form with spiritual energy, like the sun warming your bare chest.  During the track, various synth patterns emerge, and, at a higher volume, coalesce into an effusive drone.  For these ears, the last track, 'Anse Boileau', is a masterpiece.  As pastoral synth meanders uniformly with soft, descending tones, one can almost picture the steep, verdant mountain that personifies the natural treasures of this beautiful area.

Achingly beautiful, Seychelles should be coupled with the best nugs on the top shelf!  All three of the tapes from the recent batch of Field Studies are great!  One may familiarize themselves with these two excellent resources:  An excellent interview with Bil Vermette and label proprietor, Eric Hanss by my friend Steve Dewhurst; and, an awesome review of the Brett Naucke tape by my friend, Brian.  All three tapes may be purchased through Field Studies, and Discriminate has copies of the Vermette and Naucke tapes.  Tickets to bliss!!

peace and love, friends :)