Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199 (MVD5676LP)

getting lifted into 2199.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The sequence of notes leaves a vapor trail as it traverses the head, ascending until the apex has been pierced and a deluge of sunlight streams through the third eye of the pyramid.  Tantamount to a continuous injection of serotonin, the edifying vibrations promulgated by Japanese psych legends, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, are buttressed by psych fury of various shades.  Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199, one of the initial releases from Nod and Smile Records, pervades the head like a trichome-laden nug; it ascends placidly, and when it attains the perfect altitude, it then slowly disseminates ephemeral vibrations from various climates.  These live staples shimmer on vinyl.  Each side finds this iteration of the band taking interstellar trips, with the uplifting resonances of a sequence of notes - A-E-D-A-G-Db - being the fuel.  Around that beautiful sequence of notes, the band adeptly places cosmic synth; spacey effects; hypnotic, krauty bass - one of the best facets of the album; and heavyweight, hash oil riffs!  Lately, when I desire a wild trip, I set to the controls to Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199; The Astral Body Electric from Herbcraft; and Time-Lag nugs - 3 or 4 fail-safe albums.

Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199, parts 1 and 2, comprise sides A and B respectively.  One of the most pleasing aspects of this album is to experience the manner in which these sonic alchemists deploy the note sequence within their musical ideas.  Side A feels like a portent to that of B; it encompasses kraut and space rock.  The glistening resonances of side A are the conduit to the blistering psych on the flipside.  Side A commences with serene electronic pulsations that lead into krauty rhythms and the note sequence,  A-E-D-A-G-Db.  Progressively, the tempo is enhanced.  The rhythms are a catalyst, as we accelerate through the ether.  Toward the end of side A, a cathartic vibe exists.  Spacey transmissions fluctuate and the guitar overdrive of side B is in a nascent state.  A layer of synth abuts the main guitar sequence, which illuminates the notes.  As side A ends, the listener can sense that something surreal will occur on the flip.  And, surreal it is!!  Side B is the blazing hash rocket that plunders your head, lifting you to 2199.  The playing is frenetic once these psych warriors reach the zenith.  At this point, the psych fury is unabated, and the main sequence of notes coalesces with heavyweight riffs - one of the best moments of the album.  As a listener, it is a beautiful thing to observe the heavy psych maelstrom shifting between speaker channels, enveloping one in the middle. Toward the end of side B, the note sequence is obscured by a conflagration of sound.  For the longest time, side B was played here on repeat.  It is an exemplar of psych.  My good friend, however, told me that side C, which contains 'Cometary Orbital Drive to 2200', is a treasure waiting to be discovered.  His sagacity immediately manifested, as the beginning was quite different than its predecessor.  There is a lightness, which may be comparable to parts of Side A.  However, it's something completely different.  Elongated, voluminous streams of modulating synth coalesce with a piano-like loop, incipient rhythms and ethereal fretwork.  A much lighter mix of instrumentation surrounds the note sequence, compared to that of side B.  As the tempo increases, the guitars become heavier and the bass is excellent.  Toward the middle, the onslaught is at its peak.  The end serves to exhibit some of the most intense playing in the album.  An incredible side of music!   Side D, 'Cometary Orbital Drive to 2201', sees the band approach dance/trance music - wild and unexpected!  

The most dank buds are usually next to the pile of AMT vinyl in the house - top shelf.  This review refers to the double lp in gatefold sleeve version.  The double vinyl gatefold sleeve is highly recommended.  I often look at the beautiful images while listening.  The album is pressed on quality vinyl in an edition of 500.  To secure a copy - at a wonderful price - check out See of Sound.  Nod and Smile Records is a burgeoning label that resides in eastern Pennsylvania.  Their first releases include Aleister X on vinyl.  The future is bright, as Nod and Smile has an awesome tentative release schedule including Sloow stalwarts We Have Heaven and 20 Guilders.  Additionally, if you dig Japanese psych, then check out the nice selection of audio files available at this blog.

peace and love, friends :)        

Thank you, Claude, for the good vibe.