Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alan Gesso - Obliscence (Field Studies 12)

The perfect fuel for your next trip.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

In 'bag' parlance, it's always nice to sample the goods - to enjoy and appreciate the unique beauty of the sweet leaf.  It is a diverse plant with many different facets.  Similar to the shimmering magnificence of Platinum Bubba, Obliscence, from Alan Gesso on Field Studies, succeeds by providing an absorbing experience that illuminates the adroit musicianship and composition of the artist.  According to discogs, this is the second release from Alan - the first appearing approximately two years ago.  Regardless, this tape presents an artist with a deluge of creativity and ideas.  Obliscence is a journey through various electronic landscapes, none of which seem to overtly resemble the other.  And, though thoroughly absorbing, the music has the effect of a fleeting experience, which speaks to the title.  These gorgeous soundscapes come into full view, climb the celestial ladder, drift in the ether and then dissipate.  Also, the temperature of the tracks is not uniform, which makes it engaging for the listener.   Most prominently, Alan's music makes one feel like a fellow sonic explorer.  So, friend, take my hand and let's float through the cosmos with Alan's music as the guide.

As the listener presses play, they span the FM dial, as a stream of radio hiss and interference - 'People in the Stereo' - transports the listener to the rich aural paradise of 'Another Heaven'.  The track begins with voluminous tones that are joined by randomly appearing sounds and a low-end like drone.  A transition occurs that bathes the listener in tranquil, meandering synth - a gorgeous, intriguing track!  The warmth appears in the form of 'Lifetime', a track in which ethereal sounds and twinkling tones form a majestic soundscape.  Everything here is excellent.  However, the next track - 'Ajidamal' - is the one that makes me faithfully return.    This discernible track features warm, elongated modulating tones and voluminous passages of sound.  In the middle, the mood changes subtly as the synth drifts sinuously.  Washes of light sound, arrpegios and shimmering tones create a serene environment.  The flipside is equally engaging.  'Fleeting Present' is a suitable meditation guide, replete with new age-like shimmering drones that allow the listener to float serenely.  It's one of my favorite tracks.  'Clive' refers to that full view feeling provided by this tape.  'Clive' is full of lively and active tone sequences and voluminous streams of synth.  Field recordings are present in the end, along with beautiful arpeggios.

Obliscence is the sonic fuel for your next cosmic trip.  Field Studies is such a strong imprint.  Last year, they mesmerized people with the awesome batch featuring Brett Naucke, Panabrite and Bil Vermette.  This tape is equally as stunning.  For more on Alan Gesso, visit his soundcloud page.  One can purchase a copy of Obliscence directly from Field Studies.

peace and love, friends :)