Thursday, March 28, 2013

Emuul - Free Structures: What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet (PURR 0025)

ensconced in these lovely tones - join me friends!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Every Emuul release is an opportunity to rejoice!  For me, Emuul occupies a strata in experimental music in which few peers exist.  As for contemporaries, Derek Rogers and Thoughts on Air come to mind.  Each of the aforementioned artists reach me on an intimate level.  I'm sure we all have artists that affect us in such a beautiful manner.  When one listens to this type of music, it is not a transient experience.  Rather, when one is blessed with such fidelity in art, it becomes part of the person.  What We Thought When We Thought The World Was Shifting Under Our Feet, the latest Emuul release on Constellation Tatsu, is something that I hold dear to my heart.  Much like the process of osmosis, the patient passages of sound gradually permeate your body, illuminating the soul in the process.  

Side A is as poignant as anything I have encountered this year.  It is comprised of a loop of light, soft, voluminous tones; elongated passages of sound; and piano.  Emuul's composition is perfect and it reminds me of the process of life.  In the beginning, Emuul puts forth a loop of patient tones, with a contiguous soft, modulating drone.  The patient tones that comprise the loop change subtly.  Listening to this often and being attentive - though they may sound alike on the surface - each iteration has a slight variation.  Piano notes appear sporadically.  Approximately halfway into side A, the background drone exhibits a more acute texture.  Soon, the drone moves to the fore, enveloping the loop.  Within a few minutes, the loop returns.  However, the tempo has been altered, which endows the succession of tones pensively.  As the loop begins to dissipate, the constituent parts become audible.  Toward the end, pauses occur between the tones.  It is quite beautiful and reminds me of Basinski.  Masterful!  The flipside is equally stunning, yet possesses a different character - more minimal than side A.  The beginning exists in a nascent state, slowly coming into being - think of the tender beauty displayed by Josh Mason.  Delicate guitar notes wistfully hang on budding branches and the pulsating drone is almost inaudible.  Low end reverberations manifest occasionally, while ethereal tones change when confronted by the light.  Soft waves and tranquil tones coalesce with evocative minimal passages.

An incredible tape from a stellar batch!  Constellation Tatsu is doing wonderful things, and each tape from the recent batch is magnificent.  And, it's almost impossible to beat their price - $16 including shipping for four high quality cassettes.  Released in an edition of 150 copies, Emuul is credited with the music and photography.  Buy this directly from Constellation Tatsu!                    

peace and love, friends :)