Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lord Cernunnos / Ronzilla - Death Cap Drones (TT#5)

viewing the world through trichome-laden triangles.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

If you desire to party with the death caps, then smear the accompanying drones in trichomes.  Death Cap Drones - a split tape consisting of Lord Cernunnos and Ronzilla on Triangle Tapes -  weave through your head with the ominous power of a mutating force.  Visceral dread lurks behind the synapses, while anomalous transmissions circle the barren architecture of the mind.  On side A, Lord Cernunnos lays down some viscerally potent dark ambient tracks.  Compared to Ronzilla, Lord Cernunnos' side is comprised of short tracks of great depth.  Within these tracks, there is a copious amount of buried treasures for the attentive mind.  On the flip, Ronzilla puts forth two long-form tracks.  On side A, the dread was omnipresent.   At any moment, the tape could ensnare the listener.  However, where the sordid earth absorbed the malevolent energy circulating on side A, mutating chemical messengers accelerate through the abyss of space on side B.

Bleak currents of hiss hover above a pond of electronic matter in the opening track, 'Earth is Dead'.  Next, abnormal electronic beams modulate in a deluge of rain.  Metallic-tinged sound is enveloped by a maelstrom of noise in the third track.  Foreboding rhythms add nicely to the atmosphere of this track.  Pernicious vibrations abound.  The fourth track, 'From the Roots to the Sky', is one of my favorite tracks.  This track highlights my aforementioned comment about listening attentively.  On the penultimate track, currents of hiss and vacillating sounds make concentric circles.  Sonic matter accelerates through variegated hiss.  The final track is somewhat of a departure, as hazy warm sound echos, changes form and reproduces.

A dank, foreboding drone starts the flipside.  Irregular beams of sound - generally of short duration - ascend among tortured drones, then descend and move laterally.  As the track matures, one can feel the accumulating and palpable dread and terror.  There is an awesome energy to this track.  Soon, the disquieting tones from the beginning return with enhanced vigor.  At this point in the track, it feels like the sound will spiral out of control at any moment.  However, that's not part of its character.  Ronzilla is highly impressive in this track!  In the second track, a succession of echoing sounds, utilizing various textures, move proximate to the listener.  Static-laced noise and drones of various hue recall the fine days of Stunned Tapes.

These preternatural nugs sit in the mason jar on the shelf - trichome heaven.  Along with the awesome sonics, a defining feature of any Triangle experience is the presentation and artwork.  Produced in a hand-numbered edition of 50 with large cases, the artwork concept was birthed by Triangle main man, Marc Roberts.  The final design is by Pete Stanley.  One may purchase this tape directly from Triangle or Lord Cernunnos.

peace and love, friends :)