Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Portopia '81 - Electronic Communication (GJ-041)

new age nugs for your cosmic trek - trichome power!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When it comes to labels that inhabit areas of ambient, new age and experimental sound, Ginjoha radiates purely like the morning sunlight.  The amount of quality releases is impressive:  Logansport, Thaniel Ion Lee, Rainbow Body, Buchikamashi, Strom Noir, Mark Bradley, and Hakobune are just a handful from a discography overflowing with extremely talented artists who are currently creating some of the most beautiful experimental music. Portopia '81 is situated on the top shelf of that list!  Initially, I was unaware of this tape until my friend Daniel recommended it.  Thereafter, it has orbited the atmosphere, endowing it with serene cosmic energy.  I purchased both tapes, Cosmic City Serenade and Electronic Communication, because they exist in the right tail of the distribution - rare beauty.  Electronic Communication is a sonic vehicle to exalted regions, an enticing exploration facilitated by spacey, effervescent synth, ambient passages of sound, and high energy beats.  The trip begins as we extend a limb into the unknown, pulsating with an amalgamation of signals, transmissions, and ephemeral currents. 

A fantastic expedition ensues aided by buoyant, bountiful synth and supporting drone in the opener, 'Hello New World'. This section of the track absolutely mesmerizes, before climbing higher upon the merging of visceral, swift beats. Shortly, an uplifting, sonorous passage of sound manifests. The atmosphere is infused with ethereal drift as passages swell, resonating softly among passing signals and fading objects. In the following track, tranquility hops along ellipses of a lucid continuum.  Reverberating sonic energy, of a light shade, hits the body like a ray of sunshine.

The flip commences in stellar fashion. 'Cosmic Drive' begins with nascent, warm pulsations.  Before long, an evolving synth shifts into recurrent waves of light.  Random signals are emitted from a mass that moves laterally.  Soon, an effervescent loop moves to the fore. Among the many elements - and ones to be introduced - this track is never inert.  Shortly, ebullient beats emerge. It's named 'Cosmic Drive' for a reason - outstanding!.  Portopia '81 exemplifies an acuity for crafting a lucid and dynamic sonic environment.  Omnipresent in the first three tracks, this quality once again appears in the title track. From the mellow comedown of track 1, 'Electronic Communication' swirls ominously, layers of ambient sound gently fill the atmosphere before tapering.

From the faithful top shelf - and like any crystal-covered nug - extremely rare, Electronic Communication is something I would highly recommend. One may purchase Electronic Communication directly from Ginjoha.  Also, don't forget about Cosmic City Serenade

peace and love, friends :)

track from first tape, Cosmic City Serenade