Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sleeper - From Beyond (SNT007)

Sending these lovely vibes to my good friends at Humboldt Relief.  Peace and Love to you :)

Weathered drones seep into one slowly, aided by brilliant sonic light.  From one soul to another, these heavily processed field recordings, found sounds and samples are something in which to lose oneself.  Sleeper is the project of Cooper Cult co-founder C.J. Parahi.  From Beyond, on Room40 imprint, A Guide to Saints, engulfs the listener in radiant haze and somnolent drones of various shade.  

The A side is outstanding.  Elegant, melodic loops turn lethargic, caught in a vise deep in the haze - lovely!  Shortly, an ethereal passage of sound - gentle and consuming - imbues the environment with tranquility.  August energy permeates the constellation of clouds, radiating from the speakers to the listener.  With each iteration, this side slowly mutates, exuding resonant uplifting and majestic vibrations into the listener's pathway.  Meanwhile, the flipside is something quite different.  C.J's skill is omnipresent again, though this time as passages of spectral energy inculcate the area with a sense of disquiet.  The juxtaposition of the more ethereal former side to the solemn character of the flip is pleasing to the ears.

From Beyond may be purchased either directly from the artist or label.  

peace and love, friends :)