Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kevin Greenspon / Former Selves - Betrayed by the Angels / Apropos of Golden Dreams (Bridgetown #100)

faithful vibrations abound!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Kindred spirits.  Sonic soul-mates.  On their second split release, Kevin Greenspon and Former Selves exhibit their illustrious talent in creating two sides of affecting, vibrant music.  Betrayed by the Angels / Apropos of Golden Dreams is a landmark release, number 100 in the Bridgetown catalog.  As a celebratory release, I cannot think of anything more apt than the manifestation of Kevin's resplendent and noisy paeans, comprised of guitar and synthesizer; and the penchant of Former Selves to harness the essence of the moment.

Kevin exhibits an acute sense of space and texture, populating the A side with radiant and resonant soundscapes.  His sonic forays are spacious and shimmer vividly.  Various shades of noise appear throughout, adding a lovely dimension.  As the needle drops, airy, twinkling notes appear and soon merge with layers of soothing sound.  From the speakers, layers of tranquil sound swirl; the changes are poignant.  In this section, the troughs are just as luminous as the peaks.  In the second track, nascent tones chime, periodically joined by bursts of guitar noise.  Shortly, sustained notes glisten in the early light of day.  Later, crackling and rumbling noise appears.  One thing I love about Kevin's music is the manner in which the elements of noise and ambient sound coexist.  Rather than acting as a veil, the heavy crackle and rumble are situated contiguously to the flowing sonorous streams.  The sequence of tracks 3, 4, and 5 is my favorite section of Kevin's side.  Thick layers resonate faithfully, filling the room with heavenly sound.  Vacillating passages and ethereal tones give way to a succession of chimes and soothing drone.  An excellent side of music!

A burgeoning drone with a benevolent character and solemn notes commence the Former Selves' side.  The aforementioned notes are captivating.  Later in the track, sustained notes drift pleasantly.  Poignant and tranquil, it's the manifestation of sonic light - an instance in which the lucidness of the music radiates outward to the awaiting listener.  Cascading notes and shifting ambient layers soon follow.  This music is honest to the human condition.  These peaceful, soothing tides can overcome the most prodigious bastion.  Well, we're only one-third through at this juncture, and the ascent continues.  In the second track, meandering waves of gentle sound abound.  Shortly, lightly echoing tones coalesce with a blissful sound.  Loops flutter in the easy aural breeze.  Before one is aware, the final track douses the atmosphere in peaceful energy.  Sustained tones resonate within the heart, delivered by minimal drone.  Soon, the elements of the track - cascading notes, bird calls, and a field recording of water - come together.  Personally, I love the part where the bird call appends to the crest of a glistening note.  Beyond the clouds, where the blue sky is vast, this angelic hymn to life enriches all who seek it.      
There is an abundance of love in my dwelling for this 12".  Produced in an edition of 550 - featuring the gorgeous artwork of Samuel Partal - Betrayed by the Angels / Apropos of Golden Dreams is packaged in an extra thick heavyweight jacket.  The 12" may be purchased directly from Bridgetown.  Also, please support Kevin Greenspon and Big Waves of Pretty as they trek around the US.  Not only is the show a wonderful experience, but the merch tables have some heavy duty goodies!
peace and love, friends :)