Monday, October 7, 2013

Mycology Is Our Psychology - A Celebration of the Shroom (Triangle Sounds #001)

fungal fried!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The tapes were of the variety that made an indelible mark in your head-space.  In 2012, Triangle Tapes exhibited a knack for permeating the head quickly. Along with the mind-expanding, psilocybin-laced sounds, Triangle's artwork and packaging was meticulous.  Digging deep into shroom-related sounds and culture, Triangle's roster of artists come from all corners of psych and electronic music.  The top shelf riffs of Fungal Abyss balanced by the eviscerating noise of Burnt to Perfection.  One year later, Triangle Tapes has evolved into Triangle Sounds.  Mycology is Our Psychology reflects on the past and gets one grounded in the present with a compilation of heavy burners - new sounds from year 1 artists.  One change that will be conspicuous to those familiar with Triangle is the use of cd's with a vinyl design.              

In a most righteous manner, Mycology is Our Psychology features bookend nugs from Fungal Abyss.  Their first track, 'Humongous Fungus', buttresses one's head with buoyant, churning guitars and thick, viscous riffs that come on slowly, before dispersing its crystal covered payload over the expanse. After powering through that kief-covered gem, Empty blasts off into cosmos. Luminous and spacey electronics surge along with shifting/stuttering beats. Ronzilla provides a glitch powered romp that traces the periphery of the abyss -particles accelerate and explode as we drift interminably. 3 Leafs, authors of one of 2012's best, Technical Death Metal Parking Lot, contribute 'Eat the Earth', a dreamy, slowly expanding zoner. Vocals hover ominously as the hypnotic repetitions place one's head in a trichome laden vise. Quivering organ and frayed currents combine with percussive elements near the end of this excellent track - this one will work your head like the mightiest top shelf nug.  Meanwhile, Burnt to Perfection razes everything in its path.  'Incinerate' possesses heavy, malevolent vibes that move sinuously in the dark.   The sounds in this track are potent, unerring, becoming more vicious with each passing second. Just like TT1, Burnt to Perfection is the conduit to an intense unforgiving expedition into heavy noise.  Minimal electronics briefly follow from Mushrooms Season, prior to 'Moon6' liftoff from Fungal Abyss.

Mycology is Our Psychology is a harbinger of wonderful things.  Accompanied by trippy and beautiful artwork provided by Leo Tsang, the compilation may be purchased directly from the Triangle Sounds.  

peace and love, friends :)