Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DSR lines - Venndiagram (SK009)

cosmic synth relief radiating from the Death Star.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Venndiagram is a sonic spectacle that will dazzle the head - a tape full of zoners!  This is the type of music that can make toiling through the day worth it; because at night these sonic explorations glisten from elevated regions.  Just like the title, Venndiagram contains shimmering sonic objects that intersect, modulate, and dissociate - constantly forming new relationships.  In terms of tone, texture, and bringing ideas into the light there are few releases which rival the latest tape from DSR lines on Smeltkop.  DSR lines is the long-running project from Hare Akedod head, David Edren.

Right from the start, blissful layers of synth modulate and then billow; multifaceted sounds appear.  At the apex, they coalesce as a unit comprised of components, always shifting in the cosmic air - excellent track! Near the end, it drops a few levels, drifting lazily into the void.  Aural ellipses dance excitedly on the periphery of heaven, echoing with effervescent energy in the second track.  In the distance, formations of rich, vibrant color flare animatedly.  Side A finishes with a section of peaceful drift.  Tranquil azure waves undulate in the vibrant resonant light.  The flip provides the same entrancing trip.  The first track on side B captivates one immediately.  It contains mysterious, yet lucid streams of sonic energy.  Layers of synth vacillate and are coupled with mesmerizing rhythms.  The ritual-like vibes of the next track manifest as a tranquil drone radiates under a constellation of vibrant synth.        

Kudos to Smeltkop for releasing such a wonderful tape!  This is one of my favorite nugs in the bag - top shelf vibes!  Venndiagram is a tape to which I continually return.  The skill with which these tracks were composed make each listen a wonderful experience.  Which leads me to recommend giving this tape your undivided attention.  It works the other way, too; however, there is much beauty to be harvested from listening actively.  Venndiagram is extremely limited - 60 copies.  Red tapes with white print come in a clear case and are accompanied by a two color screen printed 3 panel J-card, designed by Mathieu Serruys.  The few remaining copies are available directly from Smeltkop.    

peace and love, friends :)