Thursday, October 3, 2013

Robbie Basho - Visions of the Country (GNM026)

the transcendent beauty of Robbie Basho will breath vitality into your day.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Robbie Basho's adroit and beautiful playing style flows freely as a bucolic stream.  His vocals are ascendant, displaying an impressive range.  Visions of the Country, reissued by Gnome Life Records, sees Basho singing hymns to the natural beauty of North America.  Consisting of guitar and piano tracks that combine elements of folk and Hindu music among others, the album is concurrently edifying, intimate, introspective and celebratory.  Basho's singular technique paints a vivid picture for the listener.  Possessing an enveloping aura, the fidelity of the 140g vinyl allows the music to soar - take it from a person that has been listening to the mp3's for a while.  Whether it's the quiet strum and intimate vocals of 'Blue Crystal Fire', or the cascading, echoing keys and affecting vocals of 'Orphan's Lament', Visions of the Country will prove uplifting to the soul.

The way I see it, $17 for a slice of bliss is tantamount to finding a buried treasure.  As far as recommendations, I would buy one before the reissue is OOP.  Also, it's a first-rate reissue:  The artwork is very true to the original.  Compared to the original pressing, the reissue is pressed on 140g vinyl and enclosed in a nice paper stock quality sleeve.  Additionally, the original insert is included.  I purchased my copy at Eclipse.  Visions of the Country may also be purchased directly from Gnome Life.

peace and love, friends :)