Thursday, September 19, 2013

Black Thread - Effulgent Angel Piss (Turmeric Magnitudes)

Drifting somewhere in the hazy rainbow among fraying threads.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Effulgent Angel Piss is the elixir of aural athletes.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about a tape replete with uplifting lo-fi nugs, Fragrant Hoof Carvings, from Black Thread on Turmeric Magnitudes.  Since then I've been able to comb the discography, which exhibits the different dimensions of this awesome project.  On this tape we're descending a few levels, which finds us ensconced in aural fog and knee deep in withering ambient loops of Effulgent Angel Piss.  

Once 'Effulgent Angel Piss' is discharged from the speakers, misty ambient loops dilate.  Shortly, there is an intriguing contrast between the luminous, lo-fi static-encrusted loop and the solemn reverberations that appear sporadically.  Minutes later, tones bleed into the other, while the sonic fidelity plummets a few levels. Undulations of hiss and static shroud the track. Yet, even as one perceives being farther away from the music, the opposite occurs;  the opaque beauty of the hazy energy radiates widely and seeps into the soul - lovely!  On the flip, a voluminous, airy tape loop ruminates in the clouds, buttressed by vibrant shapes and colors.  With the loop decaying, the listener floats in the slipstream - the austere light is blinding!  Soon, the noise becomes more intense, nearly cloaking the sounds.  As the noise subsides, we depart the clouds to enter a new atmosphere full of feedback that circumscribes streams of serenity.

 From the top shelf with love.  Black Thread creates a singular sonic environment which juxtaposes ambient tape loops and noise.  This project touches on the densely layered, haunting ambiance of Stephan Mathieu, while channeling the weathered, ambient minimalism of William Basinski.  I highly recommend the entire discography - expect to see more Black Thread nugs on this blog in the future.  One may purchase Effulgent Angel Piss directly from Turmeric Magnitudes.  Also, Black Thread tapes may be purchased from Tomentosa.

peace and love, friends :)