Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lace Bows - Bows of Summer (ExoTape016)

summer purps bring the haze for daze!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

As variegated leaves flutter in the air and descend to the ground - their texture changing with the time - the vivid experimental sound collages of Lace Bows engulf the body, producing moments of elation as well as a yearning desire for the past.  Lace Bows is adept at combining disparate elements into a cohesive, breathing whole.  The act of integrating strands of ambient music, tape loops/tape music and field recordings is done perfectly.  If you enjoyed the SCKE// tape from last year, then you will find a lot to love here.  Bows of Summer, from Exo Tapes, is the frosty nug your head needs for waning days of summer.

Without hesitation, the first track unleashes prodigious layers of warm sound.  As the sonorous layers reverberate, the layers fray at the edges and metamorphose into rays of healing energy, which are tethered to solemn, sustained tones.  The second track sounds like festive beach music heard from afar.  Loops of serene sound are cloaked in musty haze.  Later, a section of strings becomes ensconced in hazy loops and begins to decompose.  Toward the end of the track, as the veil is lifted, funky,soulful vibes abound.  In the next track, shifting currents of light ambiance slowly expand.  With time, the sound becomes more cohesive and concentrated in the hazy atmosphere.  Almost three minutes in, the track achieves a wonderful balance with peaceful reverberations coalescing with field recordings - the moonlight glistening on the water.  'Christmas Sun' has a different feel, as sonic sparks are emitted from a crackling drone.  Shortly, cascading energy abuts ethereal strings.  Hazy, decomposing samples transform into a pulsating beam of warm, meandering sound in, 'Lakes in Moon'.  Soon, twinkling droplets of peaceful sound shimmer in the soft light, while a flute flutters in oscillations.  The last track, '40 Summers Left' is one of the most beautiful on the tape.  Clouds of haze subsume tender sonic energy and field recordings.        

Friends, this site was created to celebrate this type of music.  Exo is one of the best, and Bows of Summer  is the crystal-covered nug which will bring the good, deep vibe like few others.  Produced in an edition of 25 tapes, with artwork by Whatever™, it is sold out at the source and through Meditations.
.  However, always dependable Tomentosa may have a few of these eventually.  In the interim, dig the digital tracks - one of the best tapes of the year.

peace and love, friends :)