Friday, September 6, 2013

Reuben Sawyer - Constricting Realities (PURR030)

This one brings the peace; and Humboldt Relief always brings the love!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Constricting Realities floods an austere environment with encompassing vibrancy.  An aggregate comprised of myriad shimmering layers of peaceful energy.  Layers of sound billow, approaching the listener in a dreamy manner.  Aural euphoria circumscribes the listener for the entirety of Constricting Realities, by Reuben Sawyer on Constellation Tatsu.  There is a perspicacious awareness to texture and tone throughout.  This is right up there with Kyle Landstra's lovely Cosmic Winnetou tape in the ambient realm of experimental music. In the first track, a gradually expanding and voluminous drone places the listener in a state of elation. Early in the second track, a nascent resonance develops rapidly.  Multiple layers of vibrating sound caress the listener.  Warm energy cascades, drenching the listener in bliss.  The sound in the environment experiences several metamorphoses.  Instances of gentle currents subsumed by soft drones and unrestrained reverberating tones are performed adroitly.  Pure mediation music follows in the last track of side A, as heavenly energy abounds.  The flip is the same trip.  Elements slowly coalesce and undulate.  Shortly, the listener is besieged by celestial vibrations.  The last track is awesome, and much different than the previous ones.  This one commences with some of the most aggressive sound on the tape prior to making the transition into a tranquil climate - slow ascent of the sun.

Highly recommended, Constricting Realities is available directly from Constellation Tatsu.

peace and love, friends :)