Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ø+yn - Tentaculeando A La Puna (TP#6)

crystal-covered zoners!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :) the Honest Bag wouldn't be around were it not for their generosity and kindness.

 The most expeditious route to the head occurs when Ø+yn, a experimental psych/folk collective from Cordoba, Argentina, is the sonic vehicle of choice.  Once these acoustic vibrations permeate the head, they maneuver with ease like dank, potent indica.  Taken as a whole, Tentaculeando A La Puna on Taping Policies is an intense and extremely resonant release; and, I will venture to state that the aforementioned begets an enriching, vivid experience.  The Brutalizer nugshot above is apt to describe this music.  Physically, Brutalizer is variegated, dense with many crystal-covered layers, and exhibits glistening hairs.  Those characteristics correspond to the sonic realm in which Ø+yn inhabit .  Ø+yn's acoustic psych paeans are plentiful.  For over 40 minutes the soul is the recipient of copious, edifying vibrations.  Sometimes the atmosphere is consuming and violent.  Yet, at other times Ø+yn exists placidly in the head - the flipside contains sparse and beautiful moments.  All of this leads to my favorite aspect of this tape - the manner in which the innate beauty of this collective embraces the listener.  There is a fraternal nature to this music, which makes one feel connected and involved.  The heavenly vocal drone and percussion of the beginning give way to gentle waves of mandolin.  At other times, the incantations are piercing as a haunting violin traces the quivering breath.  At the end of side A, the listener is treated to a beautiful array of voices that coalesce among the lovely percussion.  On the flipside, serene vibrations from gently plucked strings are contrasted to violin that vacillates wildly.  Later, lovely bells serenade scraped strings and tender violin.  The deluge of strings at the end serve to slow the breath - magnificent!

Taping Policies is one of my favorite labels - Thurston Moore cassette in the future - and Tentaculeando A La Puna is highly recommended.  Released on pea green cassettes with gorgeous artwork and liner notes in Spanish, secure your copy by sending an e-mail to Taping Policies.  

peace and love, friends :)