Monday, September 2, 2013

Adderall Canyonly - Between The Rays Lies Fear, But Also Joy (JEHU010)

nug explorer! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

  Possessing an apt title, this music represents a cosmic voyage of ideas and sound.  The lovely dark ambient synth tracks by Adderall Canyonly elevate one to the ether, where a gripping journey manifests; an aural postcard from space.  For the deep listener, there is an absorbing sonic story which unfolds.  With each iteration, I am very impressed by the well-developed tracks.  Overall, we're in the presence of an ingenious artist and synth player who exhibits an acute sense of space, tempo, mood, and the time in which to add an element to a track.  It's my fault for not having Adderall Canyonly's stuff on here earlier. Between The Rays Lies Fear, But Also Joy - by Adderall Canyonly and released on Jehu and Chinaman - has been perpetually spinning in my tape deck.  This is a mix of far out experimental electronic nuggets that occupy a broad swath of the sonic spectrum.  Sometimes the music ascends quickly and acts as a vehicle to pierce the zenith; at other times, however, a soporific deep space haze consumes the listener.

 The first track radiates brightly from its exalted position in the cosmos, embracing your soul with each pulsation.  The ascent is quick, as a shimmering soundscape unfolds. Prodigious ruptures of energy abut vacillating chords - the listener can feel the percolating reverberations. In the next track, a different tempo exists. Sustained tones meander among alternating rhythms - heady, ritualistic vibrations!  Soon, one can barely perceive anything, as we begin drift pleasantly in a more sparse environment.  In the next track, notes glisten and the ripples exude peaceful energy.  The closer on side A is among the best. The hypnotic synth careens, emitting eastern vibrations.  As the seconds pass, the music descends to a lower strata where voluminous tones and various signals exist.  Unabated action on the flip, as we continue in style.  Fuzzy, resonant chords and a minimal layer of tranquil sound combine with nascent rhythms.  There is an uplifting vibe to this track, which is partly due to the nice coalescence of rich layers of sound.  For one thing, the sonic repertoire of the artist has tremendous depth.  Next, languorous synth drifts tortuously through the head.  Elongated tones coast unflappably through the labyrinth.  The intriguing change in tempo and mood in the third track on side B lead to the final track, a lovely sonic conduit back to earth.

I need to find more of these tapes. Highly recommended, this one sits in trichome heaven.  With artwork from Adderall Canyonly and released in a limited edition of 40 cassettes, secure Between The Rays Lies Fear, But Also Joy directly from Jehu and Chinaman.

peace and love, friends :)