Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuluum Shimmering - Before Us Is Our Ocean (RC74)

Dank, serene vibrations for your day in the sun.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

As gentle vocals swell adjacent to mellow strings, one can almost perceive the cool breeze from the ocean and the enveloping sun. The loop-driven music of Tuluum Shimmering possesses a luminous aura and a gentle nature.  With loops of mellifluous vibrations permeating the listener's head, the releases from Tuluum Shimmering have the sonic feeling of being nearby.  And, the scope of Tuluum Shimmering's sound is wide.  Where the dreamy undulations of Ulau Tau/Spirit of The Sun emitted hazy ritualistic vibrations, Before Us Is Our Ocean, on Rotifer Cassettes, presents an idyllic sonic setting for the listener.  Loops of sweetly flowing vocals, strings and percussion become hypnotic.  Words do not do justice to the ubiquitous beauty of Tuluum Shimmering.

Before Us Is Our Ocean is buoyant and will put your head at ease.  Only 5 more copies remain.  One may purchase this tape through Rotifer.
peace and love, friends :)