Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hellvete - Sint-Denijs (BRR245)

enthralling drones and Cali Kush trichomes!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

After many revolutions of Sint-Denijs, the second vinyl release from Hellvete - Glen Steenkiste of Sylvester Anfang ii - on Blackest Rainbow, the uplifting sonorous waves of energy suggest one thing:  Be here now.  Over two sides of vinyl, ethereal and buoyant energy brings the listener into the moment. A captivating lp, Sint-Denijs extends a hand of friendship to the listener.  Now, this shouldn't be construed as an indication that this is an ambient or new age release.  If anything, this lp contains a welcoming, spiritual quality.  Beginning with the earliest releases in 2005/06, Hellvete continuously evolves.  Some of the latest releases, including the Crooked Tapes release, reflect the influences of minimalism and folk music from throughout the world.  In this release, Glen realizes the beauty of these sounds by employing harmonium, bowed banjo, electric tampura, and analog synth.  Throughout Sint-Denijs, Glen's prodigious soundscapes bathe the listener in august light.  And, this lp accomplishes that with a focus on subtly changing attributes, such as texture, which enrich the immense sound. Overall, the effect of Sint-Denijs is analogous to copious rays of sunlight endowing the chest with warmth.

As the needle drops, 'C-142' emits a nascent harmonium drone.  The crystalline, sustained tones shower the listener with tranquility.  Concentrated beams of energy allow the listener to watch the breath flower in the moment.  With time, the sustained tones become more robust and the shifting details audible - music that elevates the soul.  On the flip, 'G-356' places the listener in a trance, beginning with loops of electric tampura that permeate the head.  Shortly, the pace increases.  Within a minute, the addition of harmonium and synth proves hypnotic.  At the end, reflections on the beginning manifest as undulations of electric tampura embrace the listener - my favorite track on the lp.        

Sint-Denijs is the fast acting sonic medicine in the Honest Bag healing it.  If today I could do one thing to make a positive difference in the life of a friend, then I would introduce them to Sint-Denijs.  To learn more about Hellvete, read this interview on Decoder.  With a quickly dwindling supply, only 8 copies of the 180 gram frosted clear vinyl remain - the black vinyl is sold out. Before Sint-Denijs goes OOP, purchase a copy directly from Blackest Rainbow.

peace and love, friends :)