Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parallives - Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit (ExoTape014)

Sweet sativa!  Soothing and hypnotic top shelf vibes from Lace Bows and Former Selves.  Friends, along with this wonderful tape, the most important thing that I can express is to keep Humboldt Relief in your heart and thoughts during these tough times.  Peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief - you are always in my heart and thoughts :)           

A collaboration as strong as Lace Bows and Former Selves does not emerge often.  Moreover, it is even less likely that the sonic results of a collaboration illuminate the best attributes of each artist in a manner that creates something singular.  Yet, this tape accomplishes the feat of bringing together two creative and talented musicians.  Lace Bows is a wonderful manipulator of sound, creating evocative sound collages which exist under a layer of haze.  The lovely paeans on Bows of Summer, engulfed in dense sonic bliss, resonate warmly.  It's one of the best tapes around, and a review is forthcoming.  There are few artists that operate in the realm in which Former Selves resides.  Calico Sunset is one of the most beautiful tapes released this year.  Therefore, the synergy sounds fantastic - hazy loops, soothing drones, solemn notes and moments of elation.  Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, from Parallives on Exo Tapes, is hopefully the first of many tapes from this talented duo!

A nascent drone emerges from sonic flashes.  Passages of ethereal sound pervade the head with a sense of immediacy; tape hiss and loops are in the background. Subsequent to a section of opaque transmissions, the track proceeds to some of the most mellifluous stuff of the year.  Pastoral drones and sun imbued tones glisten in the morning light.  The corresponding energy from the beginning manifests once again, bringing awareness into the enveloping light of day.  On the flipside, a loop abuts an inchoate drone, radiant even at a distance.  An edifying drone resonates vividly.  Slowly, a section of emotionally resonant notes protrude lightly among samples and loops.  As the track appears to crest in a sea of samples and loops, there is a subtle shift to sounds of cascading water and copious layers of peaceful sound.  Shortly, the myriad sources of sound coalesce into a hazy sonic being that orbits the head - stunning!

With artwork by Whatever™, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit is limited to 50 tapes.  Sold out at the source, secure one of the last remaining copies at Tomentosa.
peace and love, friends :)