Monday, September 9, 2013

Sandy Bull - E Pluribus Unum (SP1002)

right nug for the times.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Sandy Bull certainly traveled a unique path. His musical language continued to evolve with each release. Sonically, it is edifying and pleasing to the soul.  Fantasias and Inventions were imbued by elements of jazz; folk; Arabic, Pakistani, and Hindu music, Bach and more.  More than the genres referenced in a particular release, these records illuminate the pathway he traveled, the sounds that he heard in his head.  As Bull said after Inventions, "I'm going to see where all this leads me...I mean I'm going to keep on listening for what is going to come out of all the kinds of music that reach me, some of which I'm able to join together and others that I haven't been able to fuse yet."  E Pluribus Unum, Bull's third release for Vanguard and most recently reissued by Sutro Park, witnesses him going for a more psychedelic sound compared to Fantasias and Inventions - the artwork alone gets me excited!  On E Pluribus Unum, Bull primarily uses electric guitar with the output split into amplifiers four ways, oud, and percussion.  The results somewhat resemble the energy heard in Bull's cover of Chuck Berry's, 'Memphis Tennessee'.  This is a recording that puts me at ease, as the music flows easily without constraint.  Personally, it's my favorite Bull release and something that I listen to weekly.

E Pluribus Unum may be purchased through Amazon.
peace and love, friends :)

thanks to Rare Recordings for the sweet vibes!