Thursday, August 29, 2013

Black Thread - Fragrant Hoof Carvings (Turmeric Magnitudes)

elegant and lifted - jams that move at my speed.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Loops of mystical, celestial vibrations, shrouded in heavenly hash oil smoke - thick and viscous - drift in the manner of a hazy dream.  Fragrant Hoof Carvings is a tape by Black Thread on Turmeric Magnitudes. The crystal covered zoners on offer here are buoyant and blown out ambient paeans.  As far as aural energy is concerned, this tape possesses a copious quantity.

Ambient minimalism initiates the trip as tones quiver in the enveloping hiss.  Already, there is a lovely exhibition of contrasting tones - reverberating, drifting, quivering.  Combined with the opaque aural environment, it endows serene vibrations upon the listener.  Elevated, yet elegiac, the first track is a harbinger.  On the flip, blissful loops radiate brightly, almost blinding.  Solemn tones and oscillations meander in the haze. Tranquil loops waffle in the blurred light, dissolving in the luminous waves. Gusts of vigorous tapes hiss and profoundly resonant tones lift the listener to a welcoming environment.    

This nug is highly recommended.  And, we're fortunate that a bunch of Black Thread tapes are available.  Hand-dubbed and accompanied by a photocopied stock insert, I obtained my copy at Tomentosa, though it is sold out.  Copies appear to be available directly from Turmeric Magnitudes.  

peace and love, friends :)