Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rainbow Body - Free Sentient Beings (GJ-044)

eternal light radiates from compassion.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

As I sit on the ground under a tree - the earth warm and pliant; the swollen bark firmly pressed against my back - I recall the sagacious statement, "There is just as much life in a moment of pain as there is in a moment of pleasure."  Meditating upon those words for a brief minute, the benevolent sun then endowed the soft spot of earth with copious light.  Shimmering at my feet, the benevolent light acted as a harbinger to the deluge of tranquility, celestial vibrations and kosmische crystals that radiated from Free Sentient Beings, the most recent Rainbow Body - Matt Kattman-  release on Ginjoha.

  The offerings here are composed from guitar, effects and loops.  And, the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of sonic variation present.  Each track is unique in structure and style, yet they all converge at the same portal of awareness.  For example, in 'Free Sentient Beings 4' a spectral drone permeates the labyrinthine head.  It's gentle resonance is analogous to the rush of cool air upon inhaling.  The preceding track is completely different in sound.  'Free Sentient Beings 3' is a sonic vortex that sputters, protrudes, writhes and buzzes with an aura of loving kindness.  Even though the sonic maelstrom is omnipresent, serenity circumscribes the mass and pulsates lightly.  Unequivocally, two completely different tracks.  Yet, they exhibit the adroitness with which Matt approaches art.  Throughout Free Sentient Beings, layers of sound converge to emit peaceful energy.  However, along with manner in which they coalesce, the timing of integrating the sounds and space afforded is equally salient.  This aspect of the music is conspicuous in the first track, 'Free Sentient Beings 1'.  The opening track epitomizes the loving kindness meditation.  The sonic compassion which pours forth bathes the body in august light.  A tranquil loop emits edifying vibrations.  There is a ubiquitous quality to the sound. Maybe a minute into the track, the majestic manifests as ethereal sound is juxtaposed to the loop - beautiful!  Toward the end, warm grainy undulations transport one to the zenith.  The second track, perhaps, is my favorite.  Full of life and melodious, elongated crystalline tones echo in the cosmos and abut sonic energy that bustles and stutters forth.

Free Sentient Beings is unambiguously situated on the top shelf in trichome heaven.  Highly recommended, it infuses the living area with lovely vibrations.  Ginjoha has been releasing some excellent tapes - the Portopia '81 tapes come to mind.  Presented with gorgeous artwork and approaching OOP status, secure a copy quickly from Ginjoha.  

peace and love, friends :)