Thursday, August 15, 2013

Iasos - Elixir (RC62)

the Master's trail of trichomes leads to the celestial gateway - step in!! peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Elixir hovers interminably over the listener, much like the pulsating sun in an azure sky.  Possessing a vast sonic range, the heavenly vibrations have the ability to permeate the roughest exterior.  Whether the tones twinkle in light, drift languorously, become ensconced in a tranquil valley or glisten in the cosmos, Elixir resonates faithfully, aligned with the breath.  With such gorgeous music, the environment is instantaneously inundated with waves of compassion and serenity.  Simply put, the second Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) reissue on Rotifer Cassettes is the celestial sound of dreams - one of my favorite tapes of the year.

Upon pressing play, an evanescent object shimmers in the distance.  The space between emits benevolence.  Crystalline waves of sound ascend and gently lift the listener.  The first track is edifying and something in which I place my trust.  These healing vibrations travel a patient path.  It's a sonic missive that slowly radiates joy and illuminates the soul.  Meanwhile, the last track on side B exhibits a different tempo, as a deluge of billowing notes and glittering tones envelop the soul.

Elixir is my go-to-tape.  The only constraint to the healing vibrations on offer is the mind.  Turn off the mind and allow Iasos to guide you to the exalted setting in which these celestial vibrations meet the breath.  Rotifer's offerings are incredible!  The Brogan Bentley EP comes highly recommended.  Secure your copy of Elixir directly from Rotifer.      

peace and love, friends :)