Monday, August 12, 2013

White Poppy - Drifter's Gold (PURR 0034)

sweet sativa!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

As White Poppy's - Crystal Dorval - saccharine-coated voice hovers ubiquitously, it circumscribes the denizens and assuages their suffering. The near panacea ambient pop music is the gateway to a tranquil state of being.  One of the most impressive facets of this tape is Crystal's voice.  Robust enough to part the clouds, at other times it's as gentle as a friend's embrace.  Just as salient are the hazy strings and songwriting.  White Poppy creates opaque soundscapes that glisten warmly in the front of your head. For all of these reasons and more, Drifter's Gold, released on Constellation Tatsu, will certainly receive end of year nug luv.              

The atmosphere is immediately enhanced upon pressing play.  'Green & Growing' is tantamount to a cool breeze blowing through the flowers on a summer day - a gorgeous instrumental.  The following two tracks, 'Who Are You' and 'Daydreaming', exhibit Crystal's proficiency with the guitar and creating a lovely aural environment.  Tranquil melodies glitter in the nascent sunlight.  Hazy, ethereal vocals float interminably.  In the instances where Crystal's voice ascends acutely, the listener rides the crest of a beautiful sonic wave.  'Drifters Gold', the closer on side A, is different than the previous tracks.  In this track, Crystal adeptly utilizes space and tone.  Elongated tones gently manifest and ascend.  The flipside commences with 'In The Sun'.  Light strums and softly resonant strings billow in the sativa haze, with Crystal's mellifluous voice omnipresent.  The final track, 'When I'm Gone', is one of my favorites.  The vocals and guitar are quite lovely in this track.  Musically, it moves at a deliberate pace; Dreamy in sound, soothing to the ear and edifying to the soul.

Drifter's Gold sits on the top shelf in trichome heaven.  Accompanied by gorgeous artwork, it may be purchased directly from Constellation Tatsu.
peace and love, friends :)