Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daniel (JD) Emmanuel - Echoes From Ancient Caves (SA018)

an offering from me to you, friend.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

The environment of the room glistens in the tranquil light.  A lovely melody coalesces, as gently reverberating and hazy tones permeate the soul.  The two pieces with acoustic guitar and synthesizer, tracks two and three, are ones to which I constantly return. In its entirety, Echoes From Ancient Caves, from JD Emmanuel is comprised of gorgeous ambient electronic music that makes for a fine meditation guide. Side A immediately creates a soothing atmosphere as chimes resonate serenely among bird calls and organ.  The flipside has a more spacey vibe. I dedicate "Song of the Whale", track 2 on side A to everybody.  Its peaceful and compassionate message blossoms like the shimmering breath of awareness. When suffering manifests, these paeans have a palliative effect, which begets awareness.    

Reissued by Sun Ark Records, it is out of print and generally unavailable in a physical format.  The tracks may be purchased and listened to here.  The sonic energy on this tape is something for which I am thankful.      
peace and love, friends :)