Friday, August 9, 2013

Edgar Wappenhalter - On the Beach (Morc Tapes #56)

zoned out, on the beach. peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

When I reached into the bag, my hand immediately descended upon one of the stickiest nugs of all. Co-founder of psych rockers Sylvester Anfang and the Funeral Folk label, Steve Marreyt as Edgar Wappenhalter, blazes a pathway coated with hash oil, permeating your most psychedelic dream and delivering the goods in style.  On the Beach, released on Morc Tapes, consists a mix of psych folk, shoegaze rockers, tape loops and drone.  It's a great summertime record.  One obvious thing is the myriad of beautiful sounds.  On the Beach is not dominated by any one type of sound or genre.  Rather, it travels in zones of psych folk; hazy rockers with a shoegaze feel; new age vibrations; and mystical soundscapes.  As the needle drops, the listener wades through the sativa smoke and mystical drone.  Vocal incantations exist somewhere on the periphery, as the sound moves more proximate - undulating waves of beautiful sound.  A total zoner!!  The second track switches things up with psych folk. Reverb coated strings billow plumes of sweet sound into the atmosphere. Steve creates a lovely mix of  blown out electric and acoustic sound.  Those who dig Big Blood will find a lot to enjoy here.  Track 4 might be the most intriguing on the lp.  It boasts a propulsive, heavy tribal beat, writhing currents of sound and vocal incantations.  The flipside is just as appealing.  Track 2 presents a lovely ambient soundscape.  Meanwhile, the fourth track literally sounds like a beach party heard from afar, just like the Morc description stated.  

This one comes highly recommended.  Out of Print from the label and scantly available elsewhere, this is your chance and Tomentosa has got the goods.  

peace and love, friends :)