Friday, August 16, 2013

Slurp Dogs - Postal Licks (Sloow Tapes – Birch)

lunar nugs for your trip to the cosmos - see you in hash oil heaven.  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Upon being kissed on the head, the continuum of time shattered and lunar tones blazed a path among the glittering constellations.  One-sided c-60 action that delivers like a dollop of hash oil.  Slurp Dogs - Grant Acker (Un/Sepviva Bells) and Willie Lane ( MV&EE Golden Roadie) - are the supreme guides on this aural retreat, Postal Licks, released on Sloow Tapes.  As the notion of time dissipates, spacious, patient paeans embrace the sonic traveler.  Hazy tones glisten in the moonlight and pass through E Pluribus Unum, refracting in a myriad directions.  Cascading notes nestle quietly in the valley prior to being catapulted into the ether, while opaque drone traces the breath.        

Accompanied by psychedelic silkscreen artwork, this is one of the finest in the Sloow universe.  Given that Postal Licks was released more than five years ago, there's a dearth of these babies available. Get your kicks from Time-Lag or Eclipse before it's too late.  

peace and love, friends :)

thanks to bpleaphart for the good vibe