Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brogan Bentley - Moments EP (RC73)

summertime zoners!  peace and love to my friends at Humboldt Relief :)

Most likely, you know the feeling or at least an approximation of it.  The boss is droning on about the importance of customer service, shareholder wealth, year-over-year deficiencies, and worst of all, the future.  There's not much of a future in being a human doormat and catering to the whims of the consumer class.  Somewhere in that welter of bullshit, my mind drifts to more pleasant thoughts.  You see, I've been lighting up the sky with these tasty trichome-covered electronic jams from Brogan Bentley.  Each night, I return home beaten from the frenetic pace of modern day society, only to find solace and renewed vitality in the Moments EP, released by one of the best around, Rotifer Cassettes.  Moments, the second release from Brogan Bentley, has many positive facets.  For an EP, there is a nice amount of variety in the sonic structure and rhythms.  It's a wonderful amalgamation of warm, experimental music featuring myriad beats, and, at moments, ambient pop.  Overall, the mood is uplifting, though there are some lovely introspective moments that feature breathy vocals.

Brogan Bentley immediately brings the listener up to speed as breezy, uplifting sound is supported by periodic low ends and beats.  Occasionally, the Zawinul-like synth flourishes, ascending toward the sky in the manner of a helix.  Soon, the tempo increases with a quick succession of beats. Track 2 on side A continues on the path with dreamy electronics that vacillate.  Initially, a drone is tethered to the fluctuating soundscape, yet dissolves into the bliss of airy vocals and rhythms that are slightly removed.  Track 3 has a different feel than the first two.  Opaque synth combines with quickly shifting beats.  Gentle vocals appear in the middle of the track.  Later, reverberating synth is layered with fuzzy electronics.  'Soul Dance' starts of the flip in style as lovely patterns of synth coalesce with minimal rhythms that quickly change.  The slow tempo of the rhythms endows the track with a hypnotic, dazed feel.  As the track moves toward the end, synth pulsates gently on the periphery.  'What More' is an excellent track that displays the artist's impressive repertoire.  Soporific, yet acute, electronics and an array of rhythms combine with introspective vocals.  Cascading and cosmic synth sits comfortably behind treated vocals.  Shimmering electronics are added to nice effect at the end.  'Long' closes out the EP. Gauzy, voluminous sound billows among crisp beats.  Vocals echo into the night sky as a multitude of beats are tethered to ambient clouds.

More top shelf nugs from Rotifer to augment your day!  Featuring artwork from Casual Sniper/Silent Thunder and professionally duplicated on type II chrome cassettes, Moments may be purchased directly from Rotifer.

  peace and love, friends :)