Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eddie Callahan - False Ego (Time-Lag 056)


More important than the following words of veneration for this rare psych masterpiece, is the fact that Nemo Bidstrup's - the man at Time-Lag -  indelible mark appears everywhere on this release.  From the wonderful, rare jams pressed on high quality 180gm virgin vinyl and mastered from Eddie's well-preserved masters to the exact reproduction of the heavy, old-style cover, Nemo has made something special for the vinyl freaks.  For me, Nemo's thoughts on music are as good as a guarantee; his Time-Lag update newsletter is full of great reviews and difficult to find releases.

False Ego is my album of the year - the Bachs re-issue, also a Time-Lag release, is 1A.  Eddie and his cohort - wife, Donna Davi and longtime friend and album producer Robert Berry - pack a mean punch and this release has something for everybody - the piano pop of Santa Cruz Mountains; the fried funk of Judge Me; the beautiful twang of Across the Line; the guitar crunch of Dying to Sing; and the wonderful melody of Lonely Feelings.  All of the tracks on this re-issue of a rare 1976 southern California private press are special.  Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the album is the manner in which Eddie channels different vocalists - his range and ability are incredible. 

False Ego is the considerate work of three people and the vision of the man, Eddie Callahan.  One should read Nemo's review for the scoop on instrumentation and the like.  As always, set yourself up with a healthy bong rip as Eddie and the gang tear into Where Will We Be Tomorrow.  Record of the year without a doubt!