Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eternal Dreamer - Splintered Sunlight (Calypso Hum 25)

Lets get down to brass tacks: Splintered Sunlight is an important tape.  Calypso Hum deserves praise, as the total package is stunning.  Everything from the serene artwork - which was the initial attraction - to the colorful patterns that adorn the tape make this c30 tape worthy of your time.  This is completely engrossing stuff and deserves to be played on repeat - music on which one can meditate.  Mysteriously beautiful Eternal Dreamer weaves a web of opaque transmissions.  Your mind will float in the deep tones, strings, violin, flute,  percussion and disembodied voices as you negotiate your way through the murk.

The act of throwing a stone into a pond is an apt metaphor for this experience.  The amalgamation of sounds on this tape feel like the ripple effect, producing waves of energy that transport the listener via the drone to the spiritual center.  Otherworldly stuff and worth the tiny financial investment.  Only a few remaining copies of this tape are available at Calypso Hum and sadly long gone from the usual suspects.  

(clh25) eternal dreamer - side a sample by calypso hum

(clh25) eternal dreamer - side b sample by calypso hum

ETERNAL DREAMER - Splintered Sunlight from Moduli TV on Vimeo.