Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ulaan Khol - La Catacomb (Soft Abuse 054)

La Catacomb, though recorded in early 2009, follows the highly impressive Ulaan Khol trilogy.  This release has a myriad things going for it.  First, the choice of cassette over cd - the trilogy was released on cd only - enhances the spiritual drone offered by Steven R. Smith.  Additionally, the title and artwork are a big part of the story.  Even prior to pressing play, the artwork and title suggest that one should prepare for the an enlightening trip.  As the tape progresses, the restraint and rumination characteristic of this project guides the listener through the labyrinth.  The music inspires lucid moments with a deep drone.  

Throughout this tape, I referred to the sacred words of my guide, "there is no work to do, no effort to make, simply feeling whatever is present.  it may be subtle or gross, novel or familiar, simply feeling what you feel."  The master has returned and his offering is of the sweetest type.  Tomentosa will set you up nicely on this one.


Ulaan Khol "Pariah Dogs" by Soft Abuse