Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Olli Aarni - Ylitse (Avant Archive 017)

Ylitse, is the latest release from Olli Aarni - the person behind the Ous Mal project.  My introduction to Olli was through the Ous Mal double cassette release, on Sweat Lodge Guru.  Avant Archive is the label behind this collection of ethereal music.  Throughout four idyllic tracks, Olli Aarni's music meanders through the bucolic visions of ones mind.    The tape loops and distorted tones swell and subside, with crackle and hiss.  Some of the tracks recall the warmth of a Basinski recording - music to which one makes a meaningful connection.   

Ever since Ylitse arrived in the mail, it has been played on repeat - music to which one can commence and end their day.  The wonderful picture that adorns the insert is characteristic of the music, inviting tracks that desire to fill the expanses of the mind. Olli Aarni also has a split cassette out on Jozik.

  Overall, this is another beautiful release from Avant Archive.  The tape was purchased from Avant Archive and it was delivered promptly, with a nice note that made me think of Phil and Myste from Stunned Records.  There are only a few of these jems left.  Avant Archive is operated by Michael Jantz, the person behind one of my favorite projects, Black Eagle Child.  Earlier this year, he released something in my top ten, Lobelia, on Preservation.  A Kickstarter project was started, with the goal of releasing Lobelia on vinyl.  Please visit the Kickstarter site to assist in the realization of this great project.

olli aarni - ylitse (album preview) by experimedia