Friday, December 9, 2011

Jakob Olausson - Morning and Sunrise (De Stijl, IND097)

A defining characteristic of beautiful music is the extent to which it imbues one's life.  Jakob Olausson's music carries significant meaning, for this writer.  Jakob's first release on De Stijl, Moonlight Farm, came into my life during the final days of my father's life.  The strength of his craft immediately made an impression.  Many tears were shed and the relationship I had with the music during that period is seared into my soul.  The years would pass, and I searched with fervor, but this was the sole document of Jakob Olausson.  Last year he returned with a 7" titled, Cornered in Your Circle/ A Faded Picture.  Now, Jakob returns with a beautiful long player, on De Stijl, Morning and Sunrise.

Overall, this is a wonderful collection of songs... real burners here, dripping with emotion.  The cover art is indicative of the music contained inside - a warm recording of enveloping music that, if listened to with intent, will take you by the hand in friendship.  This record is a real trip and Jakob's beautiful style is omnipresent.  The careless will refer to this as "loner music"; yet, I felt the gentle touch of my father throughout these eight tracks.  Buy this from De Stijl. 

Jakob Olausson : Riding on the Wind by destijlrecs