Thursday, December 8, 2011


I was fortunate enough to secure a copy of this lp from the excellent Tomentosa Records.  No artist information to accompany this release, from Time-Lag Records.  Nemo, head honcho of Time-Lag, has a proclivity for releasing some of the most beautiful music - Bells Ringing is no exception.   The record consists of acoustic guitar, viola and beautiful vocals recorded to a 4-track, which is apt for this deeply moving, introspective music.  As the first track soared through the night air, I immediately fused with the gorgeous finger-picked guitar and lovely viola.  The second track introduced hushed vocals to the mix, which adds to the tender beauty.  There is not one bad track on this lp.  The feeling on Bells Ringing has a Jakob Olausson vibe.  As Nemo said, "you really gotta hear this one to understand".  Kick back and do this release justice, with a few bong rips.  Pressed on 140gm vinyl and limited to 150 copies - seek out one of the few remaining copies.  

The proprietor of Tomentosa runs a great distro and always treats me nicely.  For those interested in Time-Lag releases, it is imperative to constantly check the stock at Tomentosa.  The site is regularly updated with rare gems and timing is everything.